Meri Gudiya 3rd March 2020 Written Update: Raghav and Madhu comes close to each other

Episode begins with Krohini is getting affectionate with her eggs and says it will produce two crows beautiful and stylish like me.

Rahu comes to meet her and says that if you really want to made up or compensate for your previous problem then bring me four parts of avni because she is a holy energy and I cannot touch such people. fishes that she will not give him any chance to get disappointed this time and the work will be done. Raghav brings Madhuri to a corner and says why did you come back in the house?

Madhuri says I am here only for my daughter Avi and nothing else. Rahu comes there and says why are you feeling so much affection towards my Madhu? She is only mine. Raghav says why did you giving me vibes of my old wife Madhu?

Madhu says to herself that I cannot be weak right now. I have to make myself strong because I have to fight against Rahu at any cost. She says to herself I have to become strong like never before. She comes to the room of her with Rahu, where he is already going to and fro thinking about the moment between Madhu and Raghav.

Madhu says to him I know what you are thinking biggest all your plannings and plottings falls flat on the face. She said to him that like every other bad energies, you will also get finished off very soon.

Rahul says that it is not me but you will get all kind of pains and you have to see your family is getting killed. Madhu says it is destiny that you have to get finished very soon.

Avi calls for her mother and save that her teeth is broken now. Madhu says that it is a good sign because now an Angel will come to take your teeth along with herself. At night, the crows come to check on Avi and she is going to touch hard at that moment Avi opened her eyes and shouts in fear.

Precap – Avi asks Madhu to have breakfast but she is unable to eat as she is a soul only.