Mithai 17th September 2022 Written Update: Mithai tries to make Sid recall his memory

Mithai 17th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mithai preparing food for Sid. Sid asks Harimohan how he got injured. Mithai comes there with food. She placed it on his bed and asks him to taste it otherwise he will ask Dadi to prepare it. Sid tastes it. Hari Mohan asks if it’s good. Sid says it’s better than Mithai’s chatter. Mithai thanks him and she tells him that she will prepare a healthy diet for him. Hari Mohan leaves asking Mithai to give medicines to Sid. Sid asks Mithai to stop staring at him. Mithai walks. Sid says it’s not a garden and asks her to sit in one place.

Mithai sits then she helps Sid to wash his hands by giving finger bowl then she sets Ac. She notices Mithai holding his head. She makes him sleep and asks him to rest. She is about to leave. Sid stops her and tells her he wants to know the truth from her. Mithai asks what truth. Sid asks if they are really married. Mithai recalls the doctor’s advice and tells him that she pranked him in the hospital saying they were married. Sid again asks her to tell the truth Mithai says it’s the truth and asks him to take a rest. She leaves his room in tears.

Mithai tells family members how she got escaped from Sid. Girish says how much time they need to hide it. Mithai says until Sid regains his memory. Shubham returns home with Pramod happily. Shubham tells everyone that Mithai failed to deliver her order to an international group. Mithai says nothing is important to her more than Sid. Shubham says I know and that’s why HM sweets got that order. He asks Girish if he isn’t happy. Girish says you may not ask it if you have understanding. Abha says you did good but it’s not the moment for celebrations. Pramod says you did good and takes him from there. Mithai looks doubtful.

Shubham says the family is not happy with his success and everyone is just worried for Sid. Pramod says Sid can’t regain his memory for a year and in this time you can have your place in HM sweets and whatever you did with Mithai is correct. Mithai opens the door and she confronts Shubham about why he did it with them for order. Mithai says she understands their game. Shubham says he didn’t think it happens to Sid. Pramod asks Mithai to forgive Shubham. Mithai says I understand that you become Shaguni mama for this family Pramod Ji and you created a rift between two brothers. Shubham says no one is there for him in the family. Mithai says you did wrong and I will expose it in front of family members. Mithai leaves the room.

Shubham asks Pramod to do something and says if Mithai reveals everything then we will be over. Pramod asks Shubham to stop Mithai. Shubham goes after Mithai to stop her. Mithai goes to Sid to talk to him. Subham comes behind Mithai and says to Sid not to listen to Mithai. Mithai says to Sid that the reason why he is hurt behind his head is because of Shubham. Mithai starts saying to Sid that he is hurt in her shop and he is her husband. Mithai says to Sid the doctor said because he got hurt in the head he had memory loss. Sid hearing this tries to recall what happened and he falls unconscious. Mithai tries to wake Sid up. Hearing Mithai shouting Sid’s name all the family goes to see Sid. Mithai asks them to call the doctor. Abhishek calls the doctor. Doctor checks Sid and asks everyone to leave. Doctor asks Shubham to stay.

Episode ends.

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