Molkki 17th December 2020 Written Update : Purvi informs Virendra that someone tried to kill her

Molkki 17th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi shouts for help when bricks starts to fall on her. Everyone from family hears her shouting and runs to reach her. Virendra reaches there first and asks where is she now. He tells her to speak and starts to remove the bricks thinking she could be under this. Others reaches there. Mama asks what happened. Virendra replies saying Purvi came to get colours and seems like she is under these bricks.

Prakashi prays to God for Purvi’s safety. Anjali was about to say that its impossible to stay alive but stops seeing Prakashi’s glare. She says nothing will happen to Purvi because she is good person. Virendra, Vaibhav removes the bricks. Virendra tells Purvi to speak and asks why she is silent when she speaks non stop always. He sees Purvi and tells her to not fear about anything saying he won’t let anything happen to her. He helps her to come out and sees her wounds. Prakashi tells Anjali to bring water for Purvi. Purvi says because of color box she is alive now.

Virendra asks why she is saying like this. She went under table to take this color box that’s why she is alive now. Prakashi says she should have take care of her safety. Virendra says its his mistake saying he should not have sent her here and tells her to go to hospital with him. He apologize to her. Purvi says it’s not his mistake and says she saw someone when she came to this room and says she felt like someone intentionally made these bricks fall on her. She says yesterday also some mysterious person tried to kill her. Virendra asks why she hided this from him. She says he was busy with painting and she doesn’t wanted to disturb him. Mama says they has to find out that who wants to kill Purvi.

Virendra says he will find that for sure before that he has tighten the security of their house. He says his family’s safety is most important for him. Prakashi notices Purvi’s wounds and says she will treat her. Mama stops Prakashi and says Virendra will take care of Purvi. He tells Virendra to do bandage on Purvi’s wound and then he has to finish his painting also.

Purvi thinks who wants to kill her. Purvi says medicine will sting and stops him from applying medicine. He thinks to divert her mind so he can apply medicine on her wound. He tells her to say time tables saying he wants to know that how much she knows because she is teaching his kids. She starts to say and he treats her wound. Mama tells Purvi to eat because she has to take medicine also after that. She looks at Virendra.

Virendra says he only told them to bring food for her. She says she wants to complete her punishment and this wound is small one only. Mama praises her and leaves from there. Virendra completes the painting and says now Purvi can sleep. Purvi makes him fill Sakshi’s hairline and says now this looks complete.

Episode ends.

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