Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 17th December 2020 Written Update : Bala the best performer of the week

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 17th December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 74 at morning 8 am. Morning wake up song plays at the bigboss house. House mates starts dance for the song ” Aadatha vandiyile song” and greeted each other.

At 8.42 Aajeedh is doing his morning task. He is talking like England return. His task is to teach them Tamil song in English. Archana and Aajeedh singing beautifully housemates are enjoying it.

At 11.20 Ramya and Anitha talking to camera and says to it that its very boring here so talk something to them. Biggboss says to Ramya that she is looking Nice. Ramya thank him. Housemates teased her.

At 12.20 BiggBoss announce to contestants to mention how much currency the have in their hands

Anitha having 175, Aari 150, Ramya280, Somu 250 , Gabby 230 , Aajeedh 130, Shivani 205 Bala 460 , Archana 155 Rio have nothing in his hand.

Bala having lot’s money. Biggboss congratulated him.

Biggboss gives special power to Bala. They clapps for him. He says to him he will reveal what’s the power soon.

Biggboss announce to contestant to nominate two person whom performed well in the luxury budget task.

Rio nominated Bala reasoning he saved his egg from fox and touched hen’s egg too. Next Archana for her strategy. Ramya nominated Bala for his brilliant effort and Bala nominated Somu for not breaking the rules and second one is Shivani for not breaking the rules. Gabby nominated Bala for playing the first round well and Somu, Anitha nominated Archana reasoning her innovative idea and Bala for his smart work. Aajeedh nominated Bala for his effort and Archana for her strategy. Shivani nominated Archana for her strategy and Bala for playing well. Archana nominated Ramya for her sharing plan and Somu for not breaking rules. Aari nominated Rio for playing with correct rules and Bala for his strategy. Somu nominated Bala for playing well.

Biggboss ask them to announce the result. They mentioned Bala and Archana.

Biggboss ask the housemates to nominate a one person whom performed well whole the week.
Bala, Somu, Anitha, Aajeedh, Rio nominated Ramya for her amazing captaincy and performing well. Gabby, Archana, Shivani nominated Rio for playing with smart work and performing well. Ramya nominated Aari for working well. Biggboss congratulated Bala, Archana and Ramya. He says to them that they are selected to play the captaincy task for next week.

At 12.55 Biggboss ask the contestant to nominate two housemates for not performing well in the task or not giving interesting game. Bala nominated Anitha reasoning she didn’t tried to learn that yet . Next he nominated Gabby reasoning that she didn’t follow the rules. Ramya nominated Rio for not putting deal with fox and hen and Gabby also. Anitha nominated Rio and Gabby for not sharing the deal and money. Archana nominated Aari for not coperating with any rules and Shivani for not doing her work.

Gabby nominated Anitha for breaking the rules and Shivani for not doing her work. Shivani nominated Gabby for not accepting the rules and Aari for not going according to its strategy. Aari nominated Shivani for taking Bala help he thinks they don’t fit for this house and Aajeedh too. Aajeedh nominated Gabby for not following the rules and Aari for not accepting any rules. Somu nominated Gabby and Shivani. Rio nominated Aari for not following the rules and Shivani for not doing her work.

Ramya announced that Shivani and Gabby chosen as the Worst performer. Biggboss ask Ramya to lock them inside the jail.

At 1.30 Archana saying to Shivani that she might do the work when its needed. Shivani clears to her that she will wash vessels but she can’t able to maintain cooking. Archana clears to her that she mentioned there none called her for team discussion. Its not like that she didn’t come actually. Its just a reason not accusation.
Anitha saying to Bala that she didn’t get the turn to do the work. What’s in it to clean the bathroom. Bala question her shouldn’t he allowed to nominate anyone here.

At 2 pm. Aari complain to Anitha that Bala wanna support Shivani that’s why he is doing this all. If she leaves he won’t play with this guts. Anitha agree with it.

At 2.20 Bala saying to Ramya that he is often saying none have the capacity to win the title. Who is him to decide it. If he has the guts or capacity he wanna self analyes it. Who is him to say we are not fit for the show. If its the indivudal game like blaming others always and playing the game then he don’t wanna play this game individually he will play grouply.

At 4.50 Shivani saying to Gabby that she gonna target whoever nominate her. She is talking with Rio through the glass in fun way. Bala also teasing her.

At 6.10 Biggboss asking to Aajeedh how is him? He replies as good. He question him who is him missing a lot? He replies as mom. He never thinks he will get her memories but he missess her a lot. He ask him to share what did he trying to achieve in this young age. He replies to him that he wanna achieve in the music and wanna be a actor. Biggboss ask him to act a scene. Aajeedh acting as he wished. He praised his acting. He thank him.

Archana ask Anitha to clean the house. Archana saying to camera and praising Prabha for tolerating Anitha life long. Somu also teasing him. Gabby and Shivani are singing inside the jail. Rio complain to Archana to give some job to her. Archana carry her and place on bed.

At 8.10 Biggboss talking with Aari in the confession room. He ask to him who is he missing a lot. He replies as his wife and child. Biggboss says to him that he contributed a lot in this house so please continue it. Aari starts tearing that none recognizing the talent. Biggboss ask him to use the stage and prove his talent. He assures to him that he will do it. He wish him the best of luck.

At 9.25 Biggboss annouce to Shivani and Gabby that their time is over to stay inside the jail they can come out. Housemates welcome them with song.

At 10.10 Archana reading the Nippon pain promotion card. Task name Fibero Fiber. Housemates wanna divide into two group and wanna answer to the questions while finding the clue. Then they wanna break the pot hanging on pipe. Rio and Archana will be the judge. Bala group find the answers and say to judge and break the pot. Next Team B to done it.
Judges announced that 24.23 min taken by Team A and 19.min by Team B. Biggboss congratulated Team yellow. They takes their gift from store room.

At 12.20 All lights turns to off in the Bigg Boss house.

Episode end.

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