Molkki 27th January 2021 Written Update: Purvi applies Mehandi on Virendra’s hand

Molkki 27th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virendra pours lot of haldi on Purvi and apologize to her. She says she won’t forgive him that easily and tells him to wait and watch what she is going to do and leaves from there. Priyu looks at her haldi and cries recalling what Vaibhav did with her. She tries to wash haldi and Sudha who came there stops her.

Priyu tells Sudha that she is recalling Naveen so much today, and says it would have been better if he never betrayed her then and cries saying she even did abortion because of him. She says she is facing pain and problems and asks her to not tell to Priyu that she was crying. Sudha consoles her. Anjali overhears their conversation and says now she is going to change the game using this truth.

Prakashi tells the guests to dance and play music saying it should look like mehandi ceremony happening. Servant lady receives one parcel. Purvi notices that and wonders who ordered at this time. She questions her about parcel. Servant lady says she only ordered this for her and moves from there. She drops the parcel when someone collided with her. Purvi notices medicine coming out of that parcel and wonders for whom she ordered medicine and seems like she is hiding something from her.

Purvi thinks why Priyu spoiling her life by marrying Vaibhav. Priyu thinks she knows that Purvi is not happy with this marriage but she is marrying him to give punishment. Anjali calls someone and talks something. Seeing Purvi she gets afraid. Purvi too notices the sudden change of her reaction.

Virendra tells Mama that he can’t attend mehandi ceremony because he can’t tolerate mehandi smell so he is going out. Purvi says how can he leave from here and asks him to apply mehandi if he was serious when he said that he can even become her slave then. She makes him sit and applies mehandi on his hand ( Yeh moh moh ke dhaage song plays in the background).

He calls mehandi lady and tells her to apply mehandi on Purvi’s hand too. Mehandi lady asks what name she should write on her hand. Mama says she is Virendra’s wife so it’s obvious that she should write his name. Purvi’s hair was keep disturbing her and she calls Virendra to tie it.Anjali and Jyoti sees everything. Purvi says she is hungry and asks him to bring food for him. He understood that she is doing everything deliberately and brings food for her. She asks him to feed her and he should not care about guests because in front them he even insulted her. He feeds her. Mehandi lady finishes mehandi.

Anjali sees Purvi’s hand and says Sakshi’s mehandi color used to come out dark and Purvi is Molkki that’s why her hand looks empty. Purvi cries and leaves from there. Kids sees that and decides to do something. Anjali reveals to Jyoti that she mixed soda in Purvi’s mehandi. Purvi gets the medicine Servant lady received. Kids gives mehandi to Virendra and tells him to apply it on Purvi’s hand.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anjali receives proof to expose Priyu.

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