Molkki 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Sakshi learns about Virendra’s feelings for Purvi

Molkki 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sakshi thinks that what exactly Virendra wants, why he is not letting Purvi leave the house. Prakashi says to Sakshi that the latter is “Mukhiyani” but why Virendra is not listening her, why he don’t care about the respect of his wife. She tells her that he want to keep Purvi with him that’s why he is doing all this. Anjali says Sakshi that Virendra cares about Purvi so much and she is sure that in the future too he won’t let Purvi leave the house.

Purvi asks God that why Virendra saying all this now and thinks maybe he is saying all this deliberately to stop her. Virendra comes there and tells her he won’t let her go away from him. She asks him that why he is increasing her and Sakshi’s problems and stop doing all this to save his married life. He tells her that he is selfish and his heart is not allowing him to let her go away from him because he can’t live without seeing her.

She tells him that today he stopped her but he can’t do that everytime and no one can live happily if she stayed with them then and pleads him to let her go. He asks her to not think about it because he will handle everything and asks her to support him by believing him. She hugs him.

Sakshi sees that and recalls Anjali’s words and leaves from there. She thinks that she made mistake by not understanding his love for Purvi and no matter what she do, she can’t separate Purvi and Virendra. She feels helpless thinking that she can’t do anything even though she knows that Purvi destroyed her married life.

Anjali also sees Virendra and Purvi’s hug and tells Sakshi that Virendra crossed all the limits today. She reminds her that Sakshi is Virendra’s wife and he will return to her definitely. And she provokes her against Purvi. Sakshi tells her that she made big mistake. Anjali asks her to show the real place to Purvi. Sakshi gets confused hearing her.

Anjali tells her that tomorrow everyone celebrates “Molkki diwas” and Sakshi should not lose this chance to save her married life. She tells her that even Virendra going out tomorrow so God also helping them. Sakshi tells her that she will make Purvi realise the difference between Molkki and Mukhiyani.

Next day, Virendra informs Sakshi that he has to go to nearest village and leaves the house. Anjali asks maid to prepare to celebrate “Molkki diwas”. Purvi learns about “Molkki diwas” and asks Anjali that what she has to do today. Anjali tells her that Sakshi will do everything. Sakshi asks Purvi to not wear any jewelry and wear black dress. Purvi goes inside.

Sakshi thinks that she don’t know that she is doing right or wrong but she need to do this. Purvi comes out wearing black dress. Sakshi makes Purvi wear money garland. She asks her to never forget that the latter is just a Molkki and she can’t become someone’s wife. Purvi shatters hearing her. Sakshi blackens Purvi’s face.

Episode ends.

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