Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 20th July 2022 Written Update: Sushma supports Saumya

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 20th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sushma telling the teachers whatever said against Saumya is a lie. Prisha asks her what is she saying. Sushma tells her this is what which she supposed to done it a long time back. She then tells that Saumya is a real mother of the kids and no other mother will do any harm to their own kids. She then tells whatever happened how Prisha manipulated the kids and pleads the staff to not to snatch Saumya’s oppurtunity to meet her kids after five long years. She also advices Prisha to not to get insecure about Saumya’s presence also her involvement in kids life now because she may have taken care of the kids for the last five years but Saumya is the real mother.

Prisha asks Sushma to keep her mouth shut and tells that staff the kids already told its Saumya who locked them inside the store room so she dont feel safe leaving her kids around Saumya and asks the staff to take necessary actions or else she is willing to take her kids back and send them somewhere. The staff tells Sushma that she may telling the truth but they cant let Saumya continue her work here because this is against the policy so Saumya has to leave. She also asks Sushma to stop sending the kids if she feels like this way.

Saumya tells the staff that her kids are happy here and one of her reason to come here is to atleast give them a happiness from her side but now once again she is being trapped but she don’t want her kids to suffer because of this and gives her ID card back to the staff. The staff takes the kids outside. Saumya thanks Sushma for atleast trying to stand up for what’s right. Prisha threatens Sushma about the consequences for going against her. Saumya insults Prisha and tells her that she herself is depending on someone and she has the audacity to talk to Sushma this way though. She then challenges the Prisha within twenty four hours she herself will bring the kids to her.

Shilpi and Saumya have a conversation about Saumya’s challenge. Saumya tells Shilpi that they have to make their house look like a dream house of her kids. Shilpi gets upset and tells her that she dont think the kids will spend time with her. Saumya assures her that will happen. Other side Armaan receives a call from channel head who informs him that he liked the new shows introduction also talks about Armaan to give him three more shows.

Armaan gets happy. The head of the channel tells him if he wants shows then he has to convince Saumya to give her upcoming books rights to him because they want to see their work together which is great. Armaan tries to change the Channel head’s mindset but fails so he agrees to his condition. He then thinks to himself that he cant let this opportunity to let go of him so for that he will do anything and decides to do something that will bring him and Saumya closer. In Oberoi house Prisha shouts at Sushma for supporting Saumya who is troubling Armaan.

Sushma tells Prisha that she supported what’s right which she failed to do it a long time back but she will not let this continue in her house. She also tells Saumya can only able to teach the good values to the kids. Prisha sees Armaan entering the house so she excitedly tells him how she snatched Saumya’s opportunity to meet the kids and tries to instigate him against Saumya. Armaan tells Prisha the kids aren’t interested in Saumya so it’s not necessary to do. He also asks her to not to waste his time saying he has so much work to do then goes to his room. Prisha Sushma and Harsh gets shocked seeing Armaan’s strange behavior. Prisha wonders what happened to Armaan.

Saumya tells Shilpi that she is going to the bed because she has so much work to do from tomorrow. Shilpi agrees. Saumya receives a call from Armaan and the latter tells her that they have to meet because they have to make certain changes to the story due to location change. Saumya refuses his offer to pick her up. Armaan thinks to himself to create a situation in which through he can manipulate Saumya to get her all books rights.

Prisha asks him who he is talking to. Armaan refuses and tells her he has so much work so he is going to the office. Saumya and Armaan meets each other in his office. Saumya looks at Armaan and the FB shows in which the channel head calling her and sharing his wish to let her and Armaan co produce together with her next few books story too and Saumya telling him that she don’t have problem. The FB ends. Saumya thinks to herself that Armaan is not even changed a bit. She and Armaan talks about what they can do further in this story. Prisha calls Armaan but Armaan ignores her calls. She learns through office staff that Armaan and Saumya is in the office and gets shocked.

Saumya decides to leave but Armaan stops her and calls her a talented writer. He also tells her that he received a call from the channel and they praised their working ideas together. Saumya insults Armaan by asking that the last hit show of his is the one who wrote right. Armaan gets angry but controls it by forcing a smile. Saumya smirks at him.

Precap: Jashan and Jahan spends time with Saumya in her house. Saumya tells Saumya that Prisha gave them noodles to have which shocks Saumya.

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