Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 5th December 2022 Written Update: Vidhi confronts Amba

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 5th December 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Abhimanyu suggesting Dev to marry Venba. Chithra says to Dev that she needs this gift from his today. Doesn’t he said to her that he will fulfill her wish. She requests him to marry Venba. Abhimanyu asks him what’s his decision? Dev walks away from there in anger. Later, Hariprasad asks Vidhi to think who has grudges against her? There is surely someone trying to troubling her. Vidhi shares with them that she has no idea.

Later, Vidhi says to god that how she will inform her parents that Amba did this to her. She is doing everything against her in anger. She needs Dev in his life. If she reveal this matter to her parents they will learn about her feelings for Dev. Meanwhile, Dev thinks that Abhimanyu shouldn’t have asked him to marry Amba. He thinks that Amba playing a smart game with him. He is aware that Amba is the reason behind this alliance.

The servant informs Amba that someone came to meet her. Amba gets surprised to see Vidhi there. Vidhi returns the dress to her and says she is aware she sent it to her to trouble her. But she won’t accept gifts often. She did it in the anger that Dev listening to her but not Amba. She understood Dev wrong. He isn’t listening to her but the truth. Doesn’t she love him honestly then why did she fail to understand him. She adds that she was possesive in her love on him. She doesn’t know whether she get Dev in her life or not?

But she is aware that Amba won’t get him in her life. Later, Abhimanyu and Sathyavathi requests Dev to open the door. She gets emotional and asks him what’s bothering him? Let’s talk about it. Dev apologize to Chithra that he isn’t able to fulfill her wish. Just ask something else to him. Chithra asks him doesn’t Abhimanyu join in the office. He is able to free from this responsibility now. Dev says that he is a fresher he wants learn manythings in the office. Priya asks him to don’t back off from his decision holding Abhimanyu as a reason.

Vidhi asks Amba to keep this dress somewhere. Then only she will understand how much she stoop in her life. Vidhi walks away from there. Sathyavathi demands Chithra to stop this. Why are they pressuring Dev like that? Chithra complaints that they are not understanding her. She is always supporting Dev in this matter. Priya says to her that Sathyavathi don’t accept a daughter-in-law who works outside. Amba is a successful business woman. She won’t accept her. Chithra complaints that she was excited to perform Dev’s marriage but he turns down her wish. She warns them that Dev will be the reason for her anger and walks away.

Later, Vidhi gets irritated by neighbour gossipping about her. Bimla shares to Hariprasad that Arjun gifted earrings to Vidhi from his first salary. She suggests him to think about their wedding. He is a good person. Hariprasad says to her that she didn’t know anything about him. Bimla asks him to stop getting angry on her. Doesn’t Vidhi working with her. She considering him as her friend. Vidhi will get marry in one day why don’t he consider Arjun. Meanwhile, Vidhi returns to home and gives her resignation letter to Hariprasad.

Episode end

Precap; Bimla will contact Kanika to discuss about Vidhi and Arjun’s wedding

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