Naagin 5 22nd November 2020 Written Update: Maarkat traps Bani

Naagin 5 22nd November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Jay and Maarkat also gets confused seeing Bani inside the glass. Veer asks how it’s possible and says that there is two Bani exists in this house. Bani says she is more smart than him and right now he saw her in the corridor but she is here also and it’s not easy to beat her. Jay asks how Bani came outside when she can’t come out of Veer’s magic.

Maarkat tells Jay to take that glass box from here because they can’t release Bani from that box and she will think how to kill her. Jay says everyone is busy with Diwali preparation and they are in the hall only. She tells him to divert them first and do his work. Ritu and her daughters were enjoying seeing the Diwali gifts.

 Balwant tells Taapish that he just heard till now that humans are heartless now Ritu and her family proved it saying there Bani is locked inside the glass box but here they are busy with Diwali gifts.Jay notices them and gives one gift box to Meher saying it’s for them. She gets excited and shows it to Ritu.Using that chance Jay takes glass box from there. He thinks He feels someone else is there and tries to find that person. He shocks seeing Bani there and sees box and there also one Bani exists.

 He asks how she came outside. She asks where he was taking her. He says he was trying to save her from Veer but here she is suspecting him. She says she knows his truth and asks why he is doing this. She asks how he knows about Maarkat when she herself doesn’t know about that. He says he can’t act anymore. She asks why he hates her. He says he is seeing from past and she is getting all powers and he doesn’t have anything other than accepting her orders and he is not Veer to stay like that forever.

She says he can’t become Veer also because he is good person. She says someone is owner of him and that person is Maarkat and asks him to tell who is that woman. He says she can’t beat Maarkat and faints. She gets confused seeing that and Maarkat comes there and reveals that Jay and Veer are her sons.

She says she already knows Bani’s plan and Veer is not here according to Bani’s plan. She says she heard their plan yesterday and recalls how Veer trusted Bani and planned to find the truth in his way. She comes to reality and says she even saw her signalling to Veer and how she tried to trap her in their plan.

Bani asks where is Veer now and what she did with him. Maarkat says Bani can’t stand in front of her and starts to attack her and throws her somewhere else. Bani wonders where is she now. Maarkat says she can’t come out of that place. Bani uses her powers and she could not able to come out and cries getting worried about Veer saying he is not safe there.

Maarkat creates another Bani and orders her to kill Veer. Veer regains his consciousness and doesn’t remember anything and searches Bani and assumes someone hit his head. He gets relieved seeing duplicate Bani. Bani says she can’t give up like this and prays to God to help her.

Veer tells duplicate Bani to come inside and asks where was she till now. She was about to attack him with knife but Meera comes there. Duplicate Bani wonders who is that girl. Maarkat helps her to and tells Meera’s name to her.

 Veer tells Meera that he didn’t locked Bani inside the glass box, it was their plan. Meera asks why Bani behaving weird way. Duplicate Bani says she is fine and tells her to go inside saying she wants to talk to Veer. He asks where was she and what happened to Jay. She says she was in the forest and says she wants to talk to him alone and takes him with her.

Bani does tandav. Duplicate Bani tries to attack Veer but he sees her in mirror and saves himself. He realises that she is not Bani and asks who is she. Maarkat gets to know that her plan failed and Bani gets to know that Shivji saved Veer and feels relieved.

 Maarkat says Veer is not normal eagle , he is special but instead of helping her to kill Bani he is against her and Jay is useless and decides to kill Bani by herself. Meera tells Taapish that it’s not Bani who is here and Veer is in danger because he is with her, so they has to do something.

Bani realises that Maarkat deliberately locked her in this place because this place has some mystery with it and she wanted to know this mystery through her but she won’t let her know this mystery and starts to move inside to know the mystery. Veer sees Jay and wakes him and asks him about Bani. Jay says he doesn’t know about her. Maarkat searches Bani and gets happy assuming Bani starts to find the mystery.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jay tells Veer about Maarkat and informs about Bani.

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