Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani to do Gathbandhan of Malhar and Avni

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Tujhse Hai Rabta to see the wedding of Malhar and Avni. The viewers are still waiting for some kind of twist that will result in this marriage to stop. With all the hints by makers, like Kalyani being ready as bride then the haldi being applied to Kalyani. Now we will see due to Mukku’s constant argument and trying to stop the marriage, makes Sarthak and Avni angry. Sarthak will call Mukku a mannerless girl and says can’t be my daughter and he locks her in room. Mukku will cry and ask them to open the door. But only Kalyani will feel emotional, Anupriya will also not support Kalyani this time.

Kalyani will feel helpless but she will assure Mukku that no one will separate him from her. Mukku asks her to open the door because he has to to stop the marriage. Kalyani will say this marriage must happen Mukku and she breaks down. Mukku will show concern towards Kakyani asking if she is fine because she doesn’t look good. Kalyani will somehow make Mukku sleep.

While the viewers are waiting for the consequences of DNA report brought by Kalyani. We will see in the upcoming episodes that Kalyani successfully hides the report from Malhar.

Mukku will try to come out of the locked room and tell Durgaprasad to open the door immediately. Pandit Ji will ask someone to do the Gadhbandan. Sarthak then will tell Kalyani to do it. Anupriya will try to intervene but Kalyani does the Gathbandan with a heavy heart. The pheres will be about to start but Mukku comes to Mandap saying this marriage won’t happen which shocks everyone.

Will Mukku be able to come out of the room and stop the wedding? 

will Avni be successful in getting married to Malhar? One thing is sure that sooner or later the DNA report will be revealed and the biggest twist is expected in the show. Keep following us to know the latest news.