Naagin 5 27th December 2020 Written Update: Veer fails to save Bani

Naagin 5 27th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Maarkat tells Balwant that he can’t do anything to save Veer. He says he won’t let anything happen to his son and says before that he will kill her and tries to kill her but nothing happens. She laughs at him and says she really wanted him to get successful in his attempt so she can escape from this trap but it’s created by Shiv ji so no one can do anything. Bani says she will trust her life partner blindly and she will put him above anyone else till she dies but she won’t let any misunderstanding affect her relationship.

Chandni asks Veer that won’t he promise her anything else. He stops and recalls Bani’s words. Bani says she will be true to her life partner. Chandni asks Veer that why he stopped. Jay holds Bani’s hand for last phere. She talks about love. Veer gets irritated and tells Jay to leave Bani’s hand otherwise he will cut his hand. Bani asks why he is saying like this. Veer says she can’t marry Jay and also he won’t marry Chandni. He tells Chandi that he is not understanding why he is marrying her when it’s wrong. She tells him to think again before taking any decision and hypnotize him.

Bani realises that what Chandni doing with Veer and tells him to look at her not Chandni. Veer yells at Bani for marrying Jay and asks how dare she to give Jay permission to touch her and love her. She says she is just his and tells him to return to her. He was about to move then realises that he is tied up with Chandni. She says it’s not earth and there is no limit here so he can get whatever he wants. Bani tells him to not listen her and tells Chandni to leave Veer saying he is her husband. Chandni says he came here by his wish no one forced him but now she won’t let him go.

Bani tells him to change into eagle and fly from there saying he doesn’t need Chandni’s permission. Veer could not able to move. Taapish says because of Chandni, Veer is not able to change into eagle. Daksh says then Veer can’t escape from there. Chandni says why Veer should escape when he can get everything here. Veer tells her that she did magic on him and says he wants to go now. She asks did he really wants to go leaving her. He says he wants to return and moves towards the four years.

Chandni gets angry and says if he can’t become hers then no one can get him and pushes him from moon. Bani cries seeing that. Veer falls on his house. Maarkat realises that Veer escaped from moon. Bani runs towards Veer and tries to wake up. His cousin’s takes him to room. Balwant says again Maarkat lost against Bani but he is happy this time. Maarkat tries to instigate him against Veer and tells him to go and see what happened his son and says he may need her help in future. He says he won’t come here again and leaves from there. She shouts saying he needs her and he knows that. Taapish tries to contact Balwant. Ritu tells them to call Doctor to treat Veer. Bani tells him to open his eyes.

Balwant comes there and gets worried for Veer. Shukla tells him that Veer fell from moon and he is unconscious still. Balwant says it’s already late to save to Veer and leaves from there. Bani tells Jay that she should have thanked him first but seeing Veer in this condition she is not understanding what to do now and says she really didn’t wanted to hurt him. He says she didn’t hurted him and he helped her because she needed him so she should not feel like she used him. She thanks him and says she won’t forget this favor and leaves the room. He says he is not blaming her because it’s Veer who comes in his way always. Bani scolds the unconscious Veer and talks to him and tells him to open his eyes and says he doesn’t wakes up then she will kiss him and starts to count saying she will count till 5 only.

She pleads him to wake up and cries hugging him. She says she can’t tolerate this anymore and tells him to wake up. She hears some noise and goes out of the room. Bani sees some creepy crawly and attacks that. Everyone comes out. Meera was about to go to Bani but Ponky stops her saying it’s dangerous one. Many creepy crawly comes there. Veer’s family turn into eagles. Meera tells Bani to move aside. Veer wakes up and searches Bani. Those creepy crawlies attacks Veer’s family. Veer comes out and shocks seeing the condition and goes to Bani. Shukla asks Veer to save them.

Bani tells Veer to save them saying she is not able to move. Veer says he is also not able to do anything. One creepy crawly was about to attack Veer but Bani pushes him aside and gets injured. Jay comes there and seeing his blue eyes those creepy crawlies leaves from there. Veer takes Bani from there. Next day , Bani asks Veer that why he was not able to change into eagle yesterday and asks did this ever happened to him earlier also. He ignores her questions and changes the topic. She realises that he become so weak.

Balwant says Veer should not have went to moon. She questions them but everyone ignores her. Veer says he wants to stay alone. She asks Taapish to tell what happened to Veer but he also leaves from there. Bani says she won’t ask him anything now but that’s not mean she will stay silent. He says he changed now and tells her to accept this fact. She says she is also adi naagin and she won’t leave him. He smiled hearing her.

Episode ends.

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