Naagin 5 29th August 2020 Written Update: Jay starts having flashes of his past birth

Naagin 5 29th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Noor telling Veer’s cousins, Harneesh and Nitin, that she is alive. Veer’s cousins wonder how she is alive since they killed her with their own hands. They decide to eat her like eagles do. Noor kneels down begging them not to kill her. They smirk. She suddenly glares at them with red eyes and transforms into half snake taking her real avatar: she is Bani.

Veer’s cousin asks her who she is. Bani says that she is their death, a ichadaari Naagin and she won’t let anyone do any injustice. She blames the two for killing an innocent human being and then also a Naag and now they were willing to kill Naina. She attacks the two. Harneesh and Nitin try to attack back but in vain since Bani is stronger. She chokes Harneesh.

 Niten calls his brother and tells him that they are on Purana Pahaad and Naagin is there. He gets scared seeing Bani killing Harneesh. He asks his brother Mounil to come as soon as possible. Bani bites him and kills him too. Naina kneels in front of Bani joining her hands. She says that she knows she is a Naagin of Sheshnaag vansh.

Mounil rush in the hall and tell the family that a Naagin is on Purana Pahaad and she has attacked Niten and Harneesh. Shukla asks if the witness Veer met near police station was Naagin. Veer denies that saying that he would have sensed that. One of his cousins say that he sensed the presence of snakes in the wedding. They all decide to go to the Purana Pahaad.

On the other hand, Jay is stumbling as his transformation into Naag is happening. Naina leaves. Bani transforms into human being again and goes to the jungle where she finds Jay leaning to the tree. Bani asks him where he was. Jay says that he found none at Naina’s house and his health deteriorated while coming there.

 Bani tells him that he should go home. She says that she handled everything and now she shall leave too. Suddenly Jay grabs her hand taking her name. Jay shuts his eyes and has some flashes from past birth. He opens his eyes wondering who those people where. Bani asks what. Jay changes topic and says that she will drop her home since he isn’t used to leave people on road, especially when it’s about her. He says that he is sure that she wants the same otherwise she would have left his hand. Bani leaves.

Meanwhile, Cheels reach the Purana Pahaad and find Harneesh and Niten lying down. Balwant says that they are dead. They find Niten’s phone which has recorded Naagin killing the two. Veer says that there must be the Naagin’s face in Niten’s eye. He is left shocked seeing Bani’s face. Mounil says that he knew it was her only. Veer decides not to leave Bani until he won’t find everything about her.

Bani and Jay are in car. Jay recalls the flashes she had and wonders who those people were. Bani thinks to talk with Meera and wonders about how to explain her that she is a Naagin. They reach Bani’s house. Ritu, Bani’s aunty, sees him and asks Meher and Keher to get ready. She goes out and insists for Jay to come in the house. She introduces Meher and Keher to him.

Bani introduces Meera and then the two go to the kitchen to make chai for Jay. After few minutes, the latter says that he should leave since Dadi must be waiting for him. Ritu praises him and complains about Bani who doesn’t care about elders as she didn’t even tell them how the interview for which she went. Jay apologizes because Bani was late because of him. He says that he appointed Bani in his chain of restaurants. Ritu is very happy. Bani smiles. Jay leaves. Ritu says that this is the first good thing Bani has done.

On the other hand, Shukla cries over his sons’ demise. However, Veer and his cousins show no pain and are drinking. Balwant scolds them. Veer says that he won’t spare that Naagin when she will come in front of him. She gives alcohol to Shukla saying that they are eagles and they should celebrate death. Balwant smiles and praises Veer’s confidence. Balwant assures Shukla that Veer will avenge his son’s death. Veer says that the only thing is that he doesn’t hurt so they all should do it. His cousins agree. Veer smirks and cheers drinking alcohol.

Jay comes back home and Gautam and Aarohi rush to him asking how he got so late. Jay sits on armchair and asks them not to tell anything to Dadi otherwise he won’t tell them what happened tonight. Gautam and Aarohi promise. Jay tells them that he had visions like flashbacks from a very ancient age when Bani touched him. Gautam and Aarohi tease him. Jay says that he has to go to that cave since there is something related to him there for sure. He opens the window and looks out. His skin starts having golden rashes and has flashes of past birth. He sees Nageshwari killing herself for him. He thinks he needs to know what happened.

Meanwhile, Baba and Saphera are in the temple when Naina comes and tells them that she saw Aadhi Naagin who knows she is a Naagin and she saved her. Saphera says that the battle has started.

In the meantime, Bani tells Meera how much he hates Veer. Meera asks Bani if she changed avatar today too. Bani says yes. Meera asks if anyone saw them. Bani tells her that Cheels saw her but she killed them. Meera asks whether Jay saw her. Bani says no. She says that she has a strange feeling whenever he comes near her. Meera says that they must have a cosmic connection and teases Bani. She asks her to talk to him when she goes to office since maybe he must feel the same.

Just then, the see a shadow outside. Bani grabs a broom and goes to open the door but it’s Jay only. He says that Bani has his phone and he needs to talk to her. Meera says that their picture will get clicked and posted on newspaper next morning if they talk outside so he drags Jay inside and asks him and Bani to talk in the room as much as they want. She leaves them alone.

Bani hands over the phone to Jay. Their hands touch and they feel weird. Jay asks Bani if she felt the same. Bani is confused. Jay explains her that he has flashes from old era whenever he touches her and he also saw eyes which were same of hers.

Meera is outside when Ritu comes and asks her what she is doing out of her room. Meera says that she came to get water. She rushes in her room and asks Jay and Bani to hide. They rush inside the closet. Ritu enters in the room and asks Meera what she is doing.

Meera says that she is cleaning as some work was left. Ritu asks where Bani is and says that she should remind her that her father picked her from road, and she must do all the work of the house. Jay overhears everything and looks at Bani who looks down. Meera assures Ritu that Bani was helping her and asks her not to worry and go to sleep.

Ritu asks her to take care and leave. Ritu opens the closet and asks Bani and Jay to go to talk outside. She pushes them out. A dupatta has surrounded both of them. Ritu smiles and says that gathbandhan already happened.

On the other hand, Veer goes to find Bani. Taapish tries to stop him but he says that he is going to give Bani back her jhumka. He transforms into eagle and goes to Bani’s chawl. The dupatta that was surrounding Bani and Jay fall on her. He transforms into human being and sees Bani running away. Veer recalls seeing Bani’s face in Niten’s eyes and says that Bani is surely involved into Naagin matter but he has to find out if she is a Naagin too or not.

Bani and Jay sit in latter’s car. Jay says that he wants to take her to a cave. Bani says that there is a cave in the road they are taking, the same where she and Naina were. Veer transforms into eagle and lands on Jay’s car.

Meanwhile, Baba ji and Saphera forbid Naina to tell the truth about her past to Bani because Shiv Ji had agreed to give her and Jay new birth with the condition that they will have to find out the truth by themselves.

Bani and Jay reach the cave. They have flashes of Nageshwari and Hridhey romancing in that cave. They look around. Bani says that this is the same place where she came today. Jay says that he saw that girl and boy in this place but he never came there. He is sure that the eyes he saw are Bani’s only. Suddenly he hears someone taking Hridhey’s name. Bani puts her hand on his shoulder.

Jay asks if she is remembering something too. Bani says that she is feeling scared thinking about those boys. She says that she has only the memory of today morning in this place. Jay asks her if she trusts him and asks her to put her hand into his one so maybe she remembers something. He forwards a hand towards Bani who puts her hand into his one. Veer comes there and glares at them getting angry seeing the two together.

Episode ends

Precap: Veer transforms into eagle and attacks Jay and Bani. Veer says that Bani cannot be Naagin otherwise she would have hissed and attacked her. Bani’s eyes turn red and she says that if she was alone, she would have not spared Veer and killed her. She says that maybe this is the reason behind her being a Naagin: she has to destroy all the evil Cheels of the world.