Naagin 5 8th November 2020 Written Update: Bani gets to know the truth behind Noor’s death

Naagin 5 8th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Bani says she didn’t forget the past and she won’t leave anyone. Jay asks then will she kill Veer too. She says she can’t because he saved their life in this birth. He asks how can she trust him. She says she doesn’t trust him fully but won’t punish him too for the crime he didn’t committed. Balwant asks how can Veer stay with Bani when he knows that she is Adi naagin.

 Veer says now he got it why he was attracted to Bani and the history continuing that’s why. He says this time he heard his heart and he got Bani too so his destiny changed in this birth. He says this time Jay has to die and asks he was this much irritated in past too.

 Balwant says Bani can’t live in this house. Veer says it’s her in laws house so she can stay here. Balwant says he is putting everyone’s life in danger. Veer says she doesn’t hate him and tells him to think that she is their enemy so they has to keep her with them to notice her actions.

Ponky searches Mayuri and calls her. Bani recalls how she killed Mayuri. Ponky says Bani would have done something to Mayuri but Veer defends her. Mayuri calls Veer and says she is not ready for marriage now so she is leaving for US. Ponky gets sad hearing her. Balwant tells Veer that it doesn’t seem like Mayuri and it could be Adi naag too.

 Veer asks Mayuri about her friends and she tells her friends name. He gets convinced that it’s Mayuri only. Jay comes there with his luggage saying he won’t let Bani stay here alone so he will also stay here. Balwant asks what is he blabbering. Jay says he will stay here to protect Bani. Shukla thinks it’s good move by Jay but no one will let him stay here.

Veer tells Jay to stay away from his wife. Bani says she is not Jay’s girlfriend and he married her forcefully. Balwant says it’s his house so he will decide who can stay in his house. Bani says she married Veer to get revenge on him and he is fool that he was not aware of her real intention.

He says he is not afraid to die so she can continue her game. And says if she doesn’t trust him also that’s not matter for him but she can’t trust Jay. Jay moves inside and Bani follows him. Balwant asks why Veer tolerating all this. Veer says Bani came between that’s why.

Bani asks how Jay knows about Mayuri’s friends name when she didn’t tell him about that. Jay says when he changed into Mayuri first time that day he get to know about them. Veer comes there and asks which room Jay decided to stay. Jay says he will take Mayuri’s room. Veer asks how he knows it’s Mayuri’s room. Bani changes the topic. Veer says Jay can’t do anything and can just give lectures and laughs at him.

 Bani gets irritated with their fight and leaves from there. Veer says he loves Bani so her identity doesn’t matters for him but he hates him so he should stay in his limits. Balwant feels frustrated about Veer’s actions. He says no matter what he has to kill Bani Veer remembered his past still not doing anything.

Bani says she is the first snake who is living with her enemies and they knows her identity. She says she will get her revenge by killing them. She prays to God to give strength to her.

She says she doesn’t trust Veer but if he is innocent then she won’t punish him and recalls how he took care of her everytime. She says if he is lying to her then she will kill him too. Bani enters the treasure room and tries to open the room which is locked till now. She thinks she is sure that she heard some voices from this room so she has to find what this family hiding here. Balwant comes there and warns Bani to stay away from that room.

Jay says he wants to talk to Bani but Veer stops her saying he is sleepy now so she should sleep with him. Jay says if he is sleepy then he should sleep instead of interfering in others matters. Bani gets irritated with their fights and throws pillows on Veer saying she is good to sleep and they can continue their fight.

Bani hears Monky and Ponky’s conversation and gets to know that Monky is the one who killed Noor. Later Shukla asks what he has to do to Jay. Jay scolds him and sends him from there. He shocks seeing Meera there. Meera change into Bani. Bani tells him that she wants to kill Monky.

Bani approaches Monky in Meera’s form and tries to kill him saying it’s the beginning of her revenge. Jay tells Shukla that today Bani will be thrown out of this house and even Veer can’t do anything this time. Before Bani kills Monky she hears crying noise and asks who is crying . He says he doesn’t know but he can take her there. She says she too knows the way and reaches that room in her snake form. She shocks seeing someone tied up there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bani unties that unknown person. Balwant says Bani killed Monky and orders his family to kill her. Bani says Monky confessed his crime.

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