Naagin 6 10th July 2022 Written Update: Pratha kills Vihaan

Naagin 6 10th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rehan getting ready. He gets shocked seeing Samaira. Samaira tells she won’t forgive him. She says him to go downstairs and fly in the air. Rehan gets shocked. Samaira comes close to him and says everyone will congratulate you on your engagement. He leaves. Urvashi notices Rehan is worried and asks him what happened. Rehan tells he saw the spirit of Samaira. Urvashi warns him to not mess up the engagement as deal with Rajesh is important for us.

Pratha sees them and signs Divya to start her work. Pratha shows everyone the paper about the serial killer. Divya goes to Vihaan. Vihaan gets worried about betting people’s calls. Divya tells him that she loves him not Rehan. Vihaan thinks it’s a good chance for him. Divya asks him to marry her. Vihaan agrees and asks her to blackout from the engagement. Pratha records it and sends it to Rehan.

Rehan beats Vihaan. Everyone tries to stop them. Rishabh asks him what happened. Rehan shows a video that Vihaan asking Divya to back out from engagement. Vihaan says Divya loves him. Rajesh asks is it true. Divya says Vihaan is lying. Rehan beats him more. Rishabh asks him to stop. Rehan asks if he stays calm if anyone eyes his wife? Rishabh kooks on. Rehan throws Vihaan from the house. Rajesh says he won’t let this marriage happen. Divya tells him she wants to marry Rehan who supports her. Rajesh agrees. Divya signs Pratha.

Vihaan thinks don’t know why Divya lied. He receives the betting guy’s call and goes to meet them. Rocky asks him to fight with Monty. Vihaan says he will defeat me easily in the ring. Rocky says we killed Diya and hid it for you guys so you have to enter the ring or pay our money. Vihaan defeats Monty which shocks Rocky. Urvashi tells Mehek to do something to cool the atmosphere. Mehek agrees. She asks everyone to dance. Everyone joins her in dance. Rocky asks Monty how he got defeated in Vihaan’s hands. Vihaan comes to Pratha form and kills them for spoiling the life of girls.

Vihaan comes to the betting place where he sees Divya and asks her what’s she doing. Divya says she loves him that’s why helped him by giving money to them and I love you but couldn’t tell you in front of everyone. Vihaan thanks her. He moves forward and sees the people who are dead. He says who’s she. Pratha comes to her real form and catches Vihaan. He asks her to forgive him. Pratha says today you have to die and get punished for whatever you have done with Samaira, Diya, and me. He kills him with her power.

Mehek asks them to start the engagement. She says Rajesh about Kiara. He tells her she is in her room. Mehek goes to call her. She tells Pratha that everyone is waiting for her. Pratha comes out. Rishabh calls Vihaan. Rajesh makes Pratha meet with his brother Mukesh and Archana. Rehan tells Ritesh that he can’t get engaged to Divya if she cheats on him. Rehan asks him to not forget that you’re marrying her for money. Everyone discusses about a serial killer. Urvashi tells Mehek that she is going to give food to Shakti. Pratha is about to fall but Rishabh holds her. Both lost in each other. Rajesh asks if she is fine. Pratha says she is fine and gets slipped.

Shakti draws the girl’s sketch and imagines Pratha in her and tells her that he needs her. He asks her to come out. He imagines his romance with Pratha. Urvashi comes there and thinks he is really mad. Urvashi calls him. He asks her why she disturbed him. Pratha sees Rishabh and thinks why Rishabh’s touch still affects her. Mehek spikes juice and sends it to Pratha to find out whether she is Pratha or Kiara. The server gives juice to Pratha. Rishabh closes the windows. He goes to Pratha who is dizzy. She tells him that she is going out for a walk.

Rishabh warns her about the serial killer. They argue with each other about the deception. Mehek observes them. Rishabh asks if anyone cheated on her. Pratha asks whom he is talking about. Rishabh says he saw his wife cheating on him. Pratha says you’re lying and your wife used to love you crazily. Rishabh holds her and asks how she knows? Rajesh says he told her about it. Rishabh leaves. Rajesh says to Pratha that you guys didn’t come put from your love. Pratha thinks she can’t forget about her revenge.

Episode ends.

Precap – Zain tells Shesh Naagin can’t save India as they have weapons against her. An angry gorilla is shown as their weapon against Shesh Naagin.