Naagin 6 9th October 2022 Written Update: Prathna learns about Manav’s conspiracy

Naagin 6 9th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prathna attacking the building. She notices employees coming out of the building. She thinks she can’t kill innocent people. She leaves. Rishabh receives Pratha’s call. Pratha asks him if he is fine. Rishabh tells her he is fine and disconnects the call. Prathna returns to the room and thinks to tell Manav that she can’t marry him as she didn’t finish her revenge. Anmol enters Prathna’s room. She notices Prathna is not yet ready. She tells she will help her get ready. Prathna says she doesn’t want to get ready as she doesn’t wish to get married. Anmol says you can’t stay alone for life long so marry him and my parents will do your kanyadan. Prathna thinks she won’t let the killer of her father does her Kanyadan. She tells Anmol that her father’s photo will do the kanyadan and asks her to get her photo which is in the mandap. Anmol agrees.


Pratha thinks she has to search for Jeet. She decides to help Jeet before Rishabh and Rudra land in trouble. Anmol comes there searching for Jeet’s photo. Pratha asks what’s she searching for. Anmol tells she is searching for Prathna’s father’s photo. She gets it and is about to take it to Prathna’s room but some lady collides with her and the photo falls down. Pratha holds Jeet’s photo. Pratha asks Anmol how she knows Jeet. Anmol says Jeet is the father of Prathna who looks like you and he expired two days back. Pratha gets shocked. Prathna misses Jeet and tells his photo that he is always her father. Pratha asks Anmol where is Prathna. Anmol says Prathna is in her room. Pratha recalls everything and realises Prathna is her daughter. She rushes to Prathna’s room. Both get shocked seeing each other. Anmol comes there and asks Pratha if she is surprised Prathna. She says you may look like Prathna when you got married. Anmol says let’s take her to the mandap. Pratha controls her emotions. They take Prathna downstairs.

Rishabh gets surprised to see Prathna. Anmol tells Rishabh that she is feeling jealous as Prathna is looking like a daughter of them. She says she is just kidding. Rishabh says you’re our princess. Prathna realises Pratha is her mom. Anmol makes Prathna sit in the mandap. Rishabh asks Pratha how Prathna looks like her? Pratha says it’s common as in world 7 people look alike. Rudra recalls his moments with Prathna seeing her in the mandap. Prathna thinks my biological dad kills my father who raised me, my dad’s killers are here but I’m getting married leaving them. Pratha thinks to get answers from Suhasini as Professor is no more. Pratha calls Suhasini but she doesn’t attend her calls.

Pratha goes to meet Suhasini. Suhasini asks why she came to meet her in toofan. Pratha says you’re the one who bought this toofan in my life swapping my daughter. She confronts why she did it. Suhasini says I hate you that’s why I swapped your daughter with a motive. Pratha says she gets to know it. Suhasini says you’re misunderstanding, professor is the one who did it intentionally and I was unaware of it and I realized it seeing Prathna but didn’t tell you guys thinking it may cause new problems. Prathna thinks she can’t marry leaving her main motive. Pandit asks Manav and Prathna to stand for pheras. Anmol is about to do Gathbandan. Prathna feels dizzy and falls unconscious. Rudra holds her on time and takes her to the room. Rudra and Anmol make Prathna sleep on the bed and leave the room. Prathna wakes up and says she won’t leave her revenge. She goes to take her revenge. She turns off the lights. Suhasini tells Pratha that Prathna is her daughter.

Everyone in the mandap feels worried about the power cut. Rishabh waits for Pratha. He goes out to call. Prathna attacks Rishabh. Pratha tells Suhasini that she can’t leave Anmol as she loved her so much and how to tell Rishabh that Prathna is our daughter. Rishabh feels confused and thinks about what’s happening. Rudra hears the noise and goes out. Pratha thinks about why she feels some wrong is happening. Someone turns on the fuse. Rudra goes to Rishabh and asks why he falls on the ground. Rishabh says something attacked me. He decides to tell everyone after finding out what happened to him. Anmol and others come out. Anmol asks if he is fine. Rishabh says he is fine and leaves fir work. Prathna thinks many people are around killers and she can’t harm normal people to punish killers. Prathna thinks to tell Manav that she can’t marry him.

Prathna overhears Manav’s phone conversation with Zain that Manav is marrying her knowing she is Shesh Naagin and planning to hand over her to terrorists marrying her. She confronts him and asks with whom he is talking? He hits her with bottle and he covers her with a net. Later it’s shown He takes someone out. Naman notices Rudra is sad and confronts him about his feelings for Prathna. Rudra doesn’t reveal his feelings. Anmol tells her friends that she is doing Prathna marriage as someone said it’s good if she does Ananth ka marriage. Friends say it’s anardh. Anmol calls Pratha and clears her doubt then she tells her friends that it’s an orphan, not a bad thing. Manav enters mandap and thinks to stop the marriage. Pandit asks them to bring a bride. Manav announces he is calling off marriage as he doesn’t want to marry an orphan.

Rudra confronts him and asks if he is drunk. Manav’s parents take Manav with them. Rudra and Anmol discuss how to tell Prathna about it. Anmol says her mom can help them to convey it to Prathna. Anmol calls Pratha and tells ger what happened. Pratha gets shocked and thinks about why destiny is playing with her daughter’s life. Manav changes to Prathna. It’s shown Manav tries to inject medicine in Prathna’s body to make her under his control but she thrashes him and hides in a bag then she stops marriage by becoming Manav. She sees Manav who’s in trunk of car then she takes him out. He accidentally falls on transformer and gets electrocuted. Prathna thinks she has to know whom he is talking too and she feels worried seeing Pratha’s car is coming in that way.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pratha to take Prathna to her house. Tara says war will happen between Pratha and Prarthna.

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