Naga Bhairavi 19th April 2021 Written Update: Shakuntala prays to Nagrani for Arjun’s life

Naga Bhairavi 19th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Jalaja questions her husband if he is counting stars in the day time after bring them to roads? Veerabhadram asks what’s she saying. Jalaja says don’t show your temper because youre useless that’s why we are facing these problems for listening your words. Veerabhadram says Aditya spoiled my plans in the last moment. Jalaja says Arjun may stopped it if not Aditya. Rudra tells him he is hungry. Veerabhadram slaps Rudra. Jalaja questions why he is slapping their son. Veerabhadram says Rudra don’t have courage and he is useless that’s why he couldn’t even love that Bhairavi. Jalaja says your Dad is correct in this matter. Veerabhadram says he won’t leave Aditya. Jalaja says don’t dream, my sister is here with her family and they are planning for Arjun and Bhairavi Marriage. Veerabhadram says he won’t let Bhairavi gets married to Arjun.

Sarath says they are waiting to get Bhairavi as their daughter in law. Everyone feels happy. Shakuntala reminsces about Nagamma warning how she wanted to kill her son for revenge. Everyone wants to leave but Shakuntala tells them she will come after sometime than others leave from that place. Shakuntala questions Nagamma, how can she live without her kids? Than she tells to Nagamma that she won’t leave from Anthill until she take back her oath. NagRani feels angry. Shakuntala prays Nagamma to leave her son.

Arjun takes Bujji aside and asks him what he wants to tell about his grand father’s death previously. Bujji thinks how Veerabhadram and Sanvi killed Krishna with their men. Arjun says previously you signed showing Veerabhadram, is their any link between your Grandpa death and Veerabhadram? Don’t get scared and reveal truth. Bujji thinks about Sanvi warning and tells him he don’t know anything. Arjun says I can sense it that you’re hiding something so tell me. Bhairavi goes to them and asks what’s happening. Arjun tells her how he is questioning him to know about her Dad’s death mystery. Bhairavi asks him to tell if he knows anything. Bujji runs from that place saying he don’t know anything.

Arjun says I feel he knows something but he is hiding from everyone fearing over someone. Bhairavi says he may informed to me if their is something, Bujji loves my Dad that’s why he behaved weirdly that day and you might be angry at me for choosing Rudra over you right. Arjun tells her he understood that she might be strucked in some problem. Bhairavi asks won’t he felt bad when she is moving far from him. Arjun says it’s like my life is going far from me but I respect your choices thats why I consoled my heart with tears. Bhairavi tells him how much bad she felt that time for going far from him and she hugs him in tears. Arjun hugs her back happily. Bhairavi tells him how she planned to die. Arjun says our love won’t have death that’s why it’s reunited us. Bhairavi happily tells him their family goddess Nagamma reunited them.

Shakuntala questions Nagamma why she is not understanding her love towards kids and she tells to Nagamma that she can’t live without her son. NagRaj asks NagRani to understand Shakuntala pain. NagRani says won’t she understand my pain? Shakuntala says you have to show your blessings on your devotees but how can you take revenge? And you can’t harm my son until I’m alive because I’m ready to die for protecting my son. NagRani looks on. Shakuntala places her hand hand on light stand, which hurts her hand and her blood fills in the light bowl. NagRaj asks NagRani to give her blessings to Shakuntala forgetting her revenge. NagRani says how to bear it? Currently my daughter life too got ruined than how can I bear it? My anger and pain won’t get reduced with her prayers so don’t think to change my decision. NagRaj says our devotees believe us that’s why it’s our responsibility to fulfill their wishes so think about it. NagRani thinks about her husband words.

Episode ends.