Naga Bhairavi 1st March 2021 Written Update: Veerabhadram and his wife insults Arjun’s family

Naga Bhairavi 1st March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sanvi says I said your son is NagArjuna but you heard it like Nagavaram. Arjun thinks Why Sanvi covered it, did she found it that I went to Nagavaram. Sanvi asks what Arjun is thinking. Arjun says nothing. Shakuntala says I got scared thinking you said about Nagavaram. Arjun asks why you felt scared, how’s that place related to you. Shakuntala says nothing, let’s ready to meet your Bride and her Parents.

Everyone gets ready. Sanvi says I’m not excited to see your girl like others because I can imagine your choice of girl. Arjun thinks she is telling so many satires so I feel Sanvi might know everything. Shakuntala asks Ambujam to keep sweet boxes in car. They goes out.

Sanvi calls Veerabhadram and tells him that they are coming to their place for pellichoopulu. Veerabhadram asks what does it mean. Sanvi says Arjun is my brother. Veerabhadram says Vishwambari promised me to get Bhairavi married to my son but now you’re saying Arjun is your brother and I can’t compete with you. Sanvi tells him plan to implement.

Veerabhadram happily agrees. Sanvi thinks I don’t care whom Bhairavi marries but I must get the details from her. Shakuntala asks Sanvi to come quickly. Arjun prays god to set everything and they start their journey and Arjun asks his Mom to relax. Shakuntala and her husband fell asleep.

Veerabhadram decorates house. Jalaja scolds him for doing work for them. Veerabhadram says this marriage won’t happen for sure and main cinema going to start very soon so let’s wait for it.

Shakuntala wakesup and questions Arjun which place they are going to. Arjun says they are near. Shakuntala gets worried seeing the place and asks him to stop the car. Arjun stops car Infront of Krishnam Naidu house. Shakuntala and her husband gets shocked seeing that house.

Veerabhadram notices cars and calls Krishnam Naidu saying Arjun family is here. Krishnam Naidu comes out and they gets shocked and angry seeing Shakuntala with her family.

Veerabhadram says Arjun is Shakuntala’s son. Arjun enters to home premises with his family. Veerabhadram stops them. Arjun asks is Muhurta is not good? Veerabhadram says don’t enter inside. Arjun says I bought my parents because Krishnam Naidu asked me and you don’t have right to stop me because this is not your home.

Veerabhadram says it’s my place. Jalaja says seems like you have eye on our property. Veerabhadram says you planned it perfectly for property. Arjun says don’t insult us, I bought my parents because Krishnam Naidu pleaded me and you can ask him. Krishnam Naidu says that time I don’t know about your parents, now I realised who are they so leave from here.

Bhairavi comes out happily and asks why they are not inviting Arjun family inside. Krishnam Naidu says these people won’t have rights to enter our village so they can’t enter in our house. Sanvi questions why they are disrespecting them. Arjun says sir I’m not understanding what you mean. Krishnam Naidu says your Mom will tell you so ask her. Veerabhadram says sister in law, didn’t you tell what happened to your son.

Arjun thinks why he us addressing my Mom as sister in law. Jalaja says don’t act like innocent sister, you send your son to our home with plan and brother did you get how your sister planned to steal your property. Shakuntala says Jalaja, don’t talk rubbish, I’m not that kind of person to think about others properties.