Naga Bhairavi 20th January 2021 Written Update: Arjun and Bhairavi goes to Velayudam place to know what Aditya hide under it

Naga Bhairavi 20th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bujji digs near tree. Bhairavi and Arjun notice him and Bhairavi about to go near but Arjun stops her saying lets see what he will do. Bujji takes few chocolates and fills that dig and he turns and notices Arjun and Bhairavi caught his act. Bujji asks them to hide his secret otherwise he will tell Krishnam Naidu about their meetings in tent. Bhairavi tells her brother also used to hide things in dig and Bujji is carbon copy of him. Arjun says your brother might hided something valuable thing under Velayudam so let’s go in the night time to check it because it’s tough to check in day time. Bhairavi agrees.

At night Bhairavi goes out with Arjun after noticing everyone is sleeping at home. Sam and her people along with Aditya travels in car and reaches near Velayudam place. Phanidra asks Malli where Bhairavi and Arjun are going at night time. Malli says don’t know I’m following them to know it. Both follows them. Aditya reminsces how he hides something under Velayudam with his friends help. Bhairavi and Arjun reaches to temple. Phanidra wants to punish them if they did any thing wrong. Malli stops him saying they are not entering temple plus we knew it’s not swayambu. Phanidra says they might take that Velayudam and next time they might tries to enter temple also. Malli says let’s wait and see what they want to do before punishing them.

Bhairavi and Arjun hides seeing Young pandit entering the temple with his Kamandalam. Pandit observes every side and he starts his Pranayamam near Velayudam. Sam and his Men reaches to temple. Pandit guy body raises in air with power of srichakra and he surrounds in chakras of power which shocks everyone who’s noticing this magical scene. 10 hands raises from his body whenever he is folding his hand, Bhairavi gets confused, Arjun signs her to wait and they gets more shocked with the power emitting from his place. Aditya gets emotional.

Pandit guy sends energy in different directions than he comes to ground. Aditya smiles. Sam opens his cloth from mouth and asks why is he smiling. Aditya says you can’t touch it because I already arranged the arrangements to protect it, did you see what happens Infront of your eyes. Sam looks on. Bhairavi tries to go out when Pandit goes but Arjun stops her saying that Pandit is protecting this Velayudam with his Powers so it’s not good if we go near it.

Precap – Bhairavi and Arjun meets Pandit to know about his son. Pandit tells them that his son is dead. Bhairavi about to tell him that his son is alive and they saw him last night but Arjun stops her.