Naga Bhairavi 9th February 2021 Written Update: Bhairavi asks Arjun to stop her marriage

Naga Bhairavi 9th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Krishnam Naidu says his friend agreed to change their friendship as relationship and tomorrow they are coming here with their son for matchmaking and they may agree for early marriage date. Arjun and Bhairavi gets shocked. Krishna asks Arjun and Malli to take care of marriage responsibilities and he asks them to sleep early and goes to his room. Arjun leaves sadly.

Bhairavi goes to her Dad room. Krishna asks if she didn’t sleep yet. Bhairavi asks why he is not taking her decision for marriage. Krishna says your life is important to me and I don’t have any option left except your marriage, your brother is already missing so understand this Dad pain because I don’t have strength to face if something happens to you that’s why I’m planning for your marriage to save you from Pranagandam, go and sleep. Bhairavi goes.

Arjun worriedly thinks about Krishna words. Bhairavi goes to him. Arjun asks her to tell. Bhairavi says previously I never considered this Pranagandam seriously because i feel these are superstitions but currently I’m believing God seeing some situations so I have to Yogi Shivudu words and my family is planning for my sudden marriage. Arjun says your family wants to save you that’s this marriage idea is not wrong, what you feel about your marriage, do you marry the guy whom your family chooses? Do you have any dream guy. Bhairavi thinks every girl dreams about her husband.

Arjun thinks i love you but dont know what’s your opinion about me that’s why I’m not expressing my feelings. Bhairavi says my brother is important to me and this marriage will halt my trials to know about my brother so please do something and stop this marriage. Arjun thinks tell me that you like me, I can stop even 100 marriages too. Bhairavi leaves saying it’s his responsibility to stop the Marriage.

Next day Zarina asks if Bhairavi is getting scared thinking her Pranagandam. Bhairavi says she don’t know what to do thinking about this sudden marriage idea. Krishnam Naidu informs his Mom that Groom family is on the way. Kaushalya asks Bhairavi to get ready and says I know you love Arjun but you didn’t inform to Granny or father in law at correct time and now it’s our family reputation so get ready. Bhairavi don’t know what to answer.

Arjun comes inside to give something. Bhairavi thinks I asked him to cancel this marriage but he is helping for preparations. Kaushalya and Zarina makes Bhairavi ready and Kaushalya goes out when Groom family reaches. Krishna welcomes his friend. Murthy introduces his son to Krishna than he asks how is Jalaja. Jalaja stands quite without answering him. Murthy sees Arjun and asks Krishna who’s he. Krishna says he is from Hyderabad and came here for medical research. Annapurna asks Kaushalya to bring Bhairavi. Malli serves juice to Groom family. Veerabhadram signs snake seeing Malli.