Naira to get Kidnapped, Kartik looks for Naira: Yeh Rishata Kya Kehlata Hai

Star Plus’s Yeh Rishata Kya Kehlata Hai will witness, edge of the seat drama with Naira getting kidnapped in the upcoming episodes.

So far in the episodes it is seen, Mitali is trying to create doubt in Kartik’s mind. Mitali asks Kartik to think over Mihir and Naira’s bonding. Kartik says to Mitali that if she is facing problem in her personal life than its better to discuss it with Mihir not with him. Kartik also says to Mitali to keep away him and naira out from this mess. Later, Kartik surprises Naira with a fun day out. The duo go for a ride in their car and shares some quality time together. Kartik drops Naira to the office. Kartik hears driver and watchman talking bad about Naira and Mihir and gets angry. After Mitali, the watchman talk grows Kartik’s doubt towards Naira.

This doubt will bring storm in Kaira’s life but before that in the upcoming episode will see Naira will be kidnapped and Kartik will search for her. Naira will be attacked by a group of gangsters.

Kartik will call Naira and wants to talk to her. Naira will say to him that she is busy with some urgent work. Kartik asks Naira to listen to him once. Naira disconnects the call and feels sorry to lie to him. Kartik again calls Naira and hears the family talk. He hears Naira stopping Gayatri from leaving the house. Meanwhile, Mihir calls Naira and asks her to reach the hotel urgently for the client meeting. There, Mitali once again fills Kartik by hinting about Naira and Mihir’s closeness. Kartik decides to confront Naira about the same.

Further, Kartik and Naira will go to her fort. Here, Suhasini will get worried about their safety. At fort, Naira will see goons and will shout for Kartik. Later, she will get kidnapped. Here, Kartik will look for Naira and will get worried after seeing Naira is missing.

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