Radhakrishn- Indra versus Krishna!

The forever power hungry and insanely jealous trouble maker in the heavens, Indra, has declared a war against Krishna for not blindly following him. In the recent episodes of Radhakrishna on Star Bharat, there was a clash of conflicts between Ugrapath and Lord Krishna. Ugrapaat wants all of the people to keep worshipping their god Indra even when he demands animal sacrifices for his pleasure. Krishna opposes the idea of hunting down innocent animals just to please some god and if people need to please gods that way, they must instead worship Govardhan hills which gives them shelter, greenery, and food. This difference in opinion resulted in a fierce conflict and after Radha supported Krishna’s thoughts everyone went against Ugrapath and Indra. This enraged Indra and he declared war against them. Krishna encourages people to lift Govardhan hill form all sides as it will give them shelter and protect them.

Now in upcoming episodes, after Krishna lifts Govardhan hill and takes cover underneath it, Indra will try to attack and win against them anyhow. However, Krishna resists the power of mighty Indra for seven straight days. Ultimately Indra will attack Krishna with his mighty sword (bajra). Will Krishna and his people be able to take this attack on them and defeat him instead? The upcoming track will cover these incidents which will be very interesting to witness on our tv screens. In the mythological stories we heard since our childhood, this event with Govardhan hill is one of his finest heroic moments for his people. It is kind of a benchmark for this show to play out this significant scene on the screen. So, folks! Keep supporting the good work.

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