Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 15th January 2021 Written Update: Kathi accuse Muthuraj

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 15th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Nachiyar is sleeping Gayathri comes there in tears. She is staring at Nachiyar emotionally. She falls on Nachiyar’s feet and asking her to apologize to her. Nachiyar wakes up and questions her why did she come here to disturb her? Gayathri asks her to forgive her.

Nachiyar ask to her who is she to forgive her she is nobody to her. Gayathri crying and says to her she has no option left in her hand that’s why she done like that. Nachiyar ask to her why did she acting like this. Gayathri says to her none understanding her did she ever ask to Gayathri what did she need in her life?

Her father will bring her favourite thing to her without even ask to him once. But even after she confess to everyone in this house none listen to her words that she don’t like Muthuraj. Nachiyar ask to her if she don’t like him she can leave before marriage right why did she waited till it reach to mandap to ruin her reputation infront of all. Gayathri says to her she has no option in her hand on that time.

One she wanna elope or she wanna end her life. If she chooses the second option then Nachiyar will die in guilt that’s why she didn’t choose that option. She doesn’t need her money at all she is staying here because she wanna be with her life long as per Nachiyar’s wish. She is the one who used to say always they four wanna be together always. Today she seems like an enemy to her but one day she will understand her. She is waiting for that day by saying she leaves from there.

Kathi comes near Mayan and ask him to give one cigaratte. He question him why did he wearing such clothes like saint. He got married to his sister so he might change himself equal to her. If he change himself she will accept him. Kathi question him is this possible? Mayan says even Maha accept him then why don’t Gayathri. She is soft nature comparing to Maha.

Kathi is looking like black Kamal Hasan he has all the qualities to impress her. Mayan asks him to trust him. Kathi staring him in confusion. Mayan says that Adhavan tried to get all his property though he won’t make her happy. Kathi nods. But Kathi can make her happy. Kathi replies he will try his best.

Gayathri is cleaning the pooja room. Muthuraj comes there and staring her in wrong eye. He thinks how dare her to betray him. Kathi notice Muthuraj from upstairs. Muthuraj starts recording Gayathri. Kathi stare this and rushed to there to stop him. Muthuraj and Vadivu starts arguing with him. Kathi snatched his phone and checking the pictures. Muthuraj is shivering. Vadivu lies to Nachiyar and blames Kathi intentionally doing this all. They blames Kathi and leaves. Muthuraj says to Vadivu its his good luck that Kathi didn’t notice the jewels pictures.

Maha, Saranya and Aishu are discussing about the Maasani issue and how to solve it. Nachiyar comes there Maha informs to her that they are checking an way to solve this issue. Just then Muthuraj comes there drunken. Vadivu complaint that he changed like this because of Gayathri betrayel so only Nachiyar can stop him doing this all. She ask her to give anyone of her daughter hand to him.

Episode end.