Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 16th January 2021 Written Update: Anu says her final goodbye to Surya

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 16th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu telling Surya that she might have expected so much from him. Anu keeps on talking without letting Surya speak. Surya thinks he can’t be selfish and confess his love to Anu when she tells her parents are important for her. Surya asks will not meet hereafter. Anu says she will not disturb him hereafter nor she will break the trust he has in her. She says a final goodbye to Surya and walks away. Surya is disheartened.

Surya comes back home with an heavy heart. He gives the ring box to Periyavar asking to place it in any safe place. He walks away. Mansi notices it. She takes the box. She checks the box and gets confused seeing Jasmine flowers inside. She wonders where Surya went taking these flowers.

Mansi argues with Periyavar when he tells Surya asked him to keep the box safe. Sharda comes out. She asks if Surya returned home. Periyavar gives the box to Sharda. Just then Swamyadi comes there. She tells Sharda to shower flowers on Goddess and pray. Sharda places the jasmine on her and prays.

Anu visits the temple. She prays to Goddess. She expresses her dilemma. she can’t choose between Surya and her dad. She can’t go against her dad at the same time she can’t think of anyone in the place of Surya. She asks God to help her. Meera phones Pankaj. Meera says that Pankaj already forgot her and didn’t even call her to update her. Pankaj asks her to resume office. Meera says she will not return until Surya himself calls her.

Pankaj says Anu resigned from her job. He asks her to forget everything and return. Meera is adamant and stays firm in her decision. She then asks how is Surya. Suddenly Pankaj hears the sound of a gunshot. Pankaj cuts Meera’s call and rushes inside. Chandra and Dharda also get shocked by hearing the gunshot.

Pankaj finds Surya angrily shooting. He silently obverses him. Sharda gets worried for Surya. She cries in front of God praying for Surya. She tells she doesn’t know what’s troubling Surya. Since two days Surya was upset and asks God to help him. Otherside Surya keeps shooting. Mansi comes downstairs. She asks Chandra how they all could act like everything is normal.

She says there must be a connection between the box with jasmine flowers and the gunshots. She further tells Surya must have went to propose a girl and she might have rejected his proposal so he’s furious. Surya stops when the pullets are over. He recalls Anu’s words and angrily throws away the gun. He angrily gets seated recalling the moment when Anu confessed her feelings for him.

The episode ends.