Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 19th February 2021 Written Update: A shocker for Vadivu

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 19th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nachiyar asks Aishu to cut the vegetables asap. Maha comes there she notices the newspaper. She starts reading it. She gets shock of her life seeing the head line of Rajarathinam family. Their current helpless state is written Newspaper.

Maha is nervous she has no idea what to do? Saranya notices her facial expressions and enquires her what’s the matter? Maha lies to her as nothing. Saranya doubts her and snatches the newspaper from her and reads it. She is also nervous after reading it. Then Aishu too reads it. They are discussing about whom behinds this all?

Saranya says that someone done it intentionally to ruins their name. Maha asks Saranya to hides it from Nachiyar. Saranya says how will she hides it all peoples came to know it now. Nachiyar comes there and enquires her? No one giving proper answer to her so she snatches the newspaper and reads it. She starts crying and faints in shock.

Vadivu gets up from her happy dream. She wishes to see this happening in real. Vadivu is walking to and forth in hall. Maasani enquires her what happened why is she walking like this in the hall. Vadivu says to him that she is waiting for the newspaper. Vadivu asks Maasani to call the reporter and enquires him Is he write about the Nachiyar family? Maasani assures to her they will do everything please be calm. Vadivu giving hard time to him. Maasani dials to the reporter but he didn’t picks the call.

Vadivu asks Maasani to enquires the company. He enquires them about the news? They replies to him that it’s an important news. Maasani gives the good news to Vadivu. Newspaper comes so Vadivu checking for the news happily. But a shock waits for Vadivu. She complaints to Maasani that reporter betrays him. Maasani checks the news and gets nervous.

Mayan and Kathi gives an surprise visit to Maasani house. He says to him that he ruined his plan. Mayan teases Maasani that he only knew reporter but Mayan knew that owner of that office. Mayan explains to him what’s actually happened. Caravan comes there. Nachiyar family notices this? Maha questions the driver why did he stopped it here? Mayan comes out of it. Mayan narrates everything to Maha in whisper. So he asks Maha to bring everyone into it.

Maha convinces all and brings them in. Mayan asks the reporters to take the photo. Mayan teases Maasani that he can’t able to do anything to him. Maasani challenges him that he will smash his house in just 4 days. Maayan asks him to do it. Vadivu says to Masaani that Mayan insults her so she wanna see him crying.

Episode end.