Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 29th September 2020 Written Update: Mayan’s final warning

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 29th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with auditor checking the jewels and informing to Saranya that jewels were duplicate. She checks it herself and confirm it as duplicate. She glare Maha in anger and ask to her where is the jewels. Maha blinks to her. Saranya says where is the original jewels where did she hide it? Maha replies to her she has no idea about this jewels. Saranya ask to her whether she sold it or hide it ? Maha replies to her that she just brought it here when she asked for.

She is seeing this jewels first time. Saranya ask to her why did she lie they both are husband and wife living in same room then how comes she don’t know it. Nachiyar asked Saranya to stop shouting on her. Saranya won’t listen she added Maha as fraud. She married to a fraud so she too become like that only. She heard Maha is very genuine and honest but look at her deeds doing forgery .

Maha stays there silent. She says to her if they needed money they should have asked them instead of stoling it and doing forgery. This house has lots of jewels here and there we should be careful here after from these two fraud people. Maha starts to cry listening it. Nachiyar stops Saranya and asked auditor to go. After they leaves Saranya asked Maha to take those duplicate jewels with her she moves from there without uttering anything.

Mayan comes near Maha and think what happened to her ? He ask to her why did she crying? She glares him and says his family members blamed her as fraud. Mayan got angry and about to scold them. She stops him showing the duplicate jewels to him and asked where is the original one. Why did he foreged the jewels because of him she bend her head down infront of them. She got enough from them for marrying him. She replies to him the reason he is fraud that is why she rejected him these many days by saying this she leaves.

Mayan and Kathi go to Ponnambalam jewels and tries to smoke there, he says smoking is not allowed there. Kathi says then burn him instead of cigaratte. Mayan tries to burn him he shouts in fear. Mayan ask him to bring back the jewels after recieving the jewels. He tries to cover up the situation. Mayan threaten him with knife and ask to him where is the jewels he replies to him Nachiyar brought it after paying the amount.she was the one asked me to give the amount to him . Mayan got angry hearing it.

Chidambaram talking in phone. Muthuraj and Vadivu provoking him to do something to Mayan he already forged the jewels whom knows he may sold this house too. Chidambaram tells them let it be.

Muthuraj says he can able to reveal the marriage truth to Maha. Chidambaram replies to him nothing much happen Rathinam sends her back to him. Vadivu provoke him to plan something against Mayan. Chidambaram says he wanna be elected in this election power will do anything, if power comes money will comes too. So he ask them to sits calmly.

Nachiyar sitting there angrily. Saranya tries to calm her. She blamed Saranya for the reason of her anger. Why did she framed Maha even after know the truth. Saranya tries to justify her act pointing his forgery. Aishu supports her. Mayan comes there clapping praising Nachiyar act. Saranya interfere him he shouts on her to stay aside. He wanna talk with Nachiyar. He starts to narrate the incidents happens in childhood days and says she don’t like him that’s why she kicked him out.

Saranya raise her voice to him he roared back made her shocked. He warns her to stay quiet. Mayan says she always provoke his father against him and mom. She successfully send his mom away now trying to separate Maha from him too. He warns her one day she too stands in road like the way he did. He can’t sit quietly if they dare to raise their finger against his wife. Nachiyar sits down broken. Saranya tries to calm her. She complaint Saranya is the soul reason for her tears already he hates her now he hating her to the core for her act.