Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Gayathri disappointed with Adhavan

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Adhavan informing to Mayan that he is going to chennai for an important matter so he can’t able to marry Gayathri today. Mayan ask to him why did he changed his decision suddenly? Adhavan replies to him that he didn’t assured to him that he will marry her today he ask time to think. He question him if its the matter why shouldn’t he informed him before?

Adhavan says to him that its an important business meeting he give appointment to him today orelse there is no chance to meet him that’s without option he is going to meet him. He knew well that Mayan and Gayathri will go to temple and disappoint if they don’t see him there that’s why he called him first and informing to him. Kathi ask to him will he return in two days? Because only 7 days left for Gayathri marriage. Coming 10 her marriage date? He replies to him that he will return on same day but morning. Nothing to worry he will reach on time. Gayathri creating a big scene to go out not listening to Nachiyar words.

Maha and Nachiyar keep advising to her not go but she is standing in her decision. Kathi ask Mayan to inform this matter to Gayayhri before she is getting hurt. They hears her sound both see her arguing with Nachiyar and Maha to go out. Kathi signaling to her but all went in vain. So Mayan message to Gayathri.

She read the message and gets surprised why did marriage canceled? She stare balcony. Mayan signal her to don’t go. Maha notice her staring up she followed her gaze but none is there in balcony. Maha says to her that Nachiyar is aged one why did she hurting her this much? Gayathri assures to them she won’t go.

Gayathri sits in Hall. Nachiyar is scolding her just then Vadivu comes there with Sales man. Maha welcome him. Everyone starts to check the collections happily except Gayathri she lost in her thoughts. Muthuraj go to check the shirt size. Vadivu ask Gayathri to stand beside him. She takes dhriti of their jodi. Gayathri feels emotional seeing Mayan there. He assures to her that he will take care of everything.

Mayan is smoking outside and Kathi is busy in scolding Adhavan for backing off. He feels bad for Gayathri and thinks how she gonna tackle all till marriage we thought she will be free today but its end like this. Gayathri comes there and question him what happened? Did he informed to Adhavan about it? Kathi narrates to her everything. Gayathri feels sad hearing it so Mayan boost up her by saying he may busy don’t worry he will come on time. Gayathri says to him that she believes him.

Maha waiting for Gayathri in her room and ask her to sit. Maha question her why did she not agree to marry Muthuraj? Will she thinking her mom can able to choose wrong one for her? Gayathri question her back will she accept to live with the one whom she married while carrying someone in her heart. Maha stare her. Gayathri shares to her that Muthuraj misbehaved with her so she pleads to Maha to stop this marriage.

Episode end.