Bharathi kannamma 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Bharathi is in dilemma

Bharathi kannamma 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kannamma staring her baby smiling towards her. She ask to her Is this paining after operation? She giggles towards her. Kannamma asking to her baby did she heard the sound from outside few minutes before? Its no one but her father sound. Didn’t she said before Dr. Bharathi he is your father.

 If he didn’t come on time then she has no idea what would have happened to her baby? He was the one done operation to her without keeping any anger on his mind. He is like a god to us we must thank him for his help. He is basically an good human being he used to know love everyone he never dare to hurt others before but now a days he lost his those qualities and turns to a monster due to his doubts.

He loved her mom a lot and make her feel great on that time but these doubts made him something else he started behaving cruel with her. He was alright but something went wrong in our life. Someone brainwashed him that’s why he is behaving like this towards her. She is damn sure its all that Venba’s master plan. Do you wanna know who is Venba? She is your father classmate.

 She wanna marry your father that’s why she is doing this all to her. When she behaved worst in temple she slapped her for her deeds. She even tried to kill her and her baby on her pregnancy time. Not only that she still trying to kill her sadist. Whatever her father believing her words she will be thankful for his help but she won’t forgive him ever.

Bharathi thinking about his secret marriage in car. He is feeling guilty for gonna marry again without his parents knowledge. Bharathi reminds the way Nurse informs to him that Varun is Kannamma’s husband. He gets frustrate thinking about it.

He thinks why should he sacrifice his life for that Kannamma whom cheated him and enjoying her life with someone else. He gonna marry Venba. But after marriage she gonna live in her house and he in his house. It may good to hear but practically its not that much good. Because after marriage she will turns to his wife so he wanna give all rights to her as a wife and bring her to his house.

He doubts whether he gonna marry her to take revenge on Kannamma then its wrong. He again remembers that Varun face. He thinks that Kannamma won’t give divorce to him so its better to marry Venba to get rid of Kannamma. Then she won’t give his initial to someone baby. Its the only solution.

Arivu feeding to Hema she is not eating it. Anjali comes there Arivu ask her to pass the milk powder. She complaints to her that Soundarya clearly ask Arivu to take care of the baby not her by saying she leaves. Bharathi comes to home after drinking. Soubdarya calls Arivu and question her about Hema. She replies to her that she is eating. She ask her to give the phone to Bharathi he hesitate to speak and start a conversation with her. Soundarya scold him for drunk. She ask him to sleep.

Kannamma reach home. Tulasi ask her about baby health? She replies to her that baby is fine now. She came back to take bath here because she is uncomfortable to take bath in hospital. Tulasi ask to her whom done the operation to her? She replies to her as Bharathi.

Tulasi thinks that destiny is always bringing them together in all the important situation. Kannamma gives the money to Tulasi and informs to her that she gonna leave this place soon.

Episode end