Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 9th March 2021 Written Update: Mayan fails to repay the amount

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 9th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayan says to Maasani that he touched his pride. He will never allow him to touch his house. Its his father’s house. Take his money and leave the house. Kathi throw the money bag infront of the court peoples but all gets shock to see the paper notes in it. Mayan asks to Kathi where is the amount and gets nervous. Maasani starts to laugh seeing his situation.

Maasani is teasing Mayan that he may creates a situation against him. Mayan reminds the incident and holds Maasani’s collar. Mayan blames Maasani for the reason. Kathi asks time to the court peoples. Maasani smirks at him and says that he can take as much time he needs. Mayan is crying thinking about the incident. Gayathri is consoling him to don’t worry. Nachiyar is crying in another side.

Maha tries to console her. Nachiyar says to Saranya don’t talk witg her. She wishes to die here itself. She don’t want to leave this house. They can able to take her corpse from here. Maasani asks them to sign the agreement soon. Nachiyar starts crying more replying everything is over. Maasani says to all that Rajatathinam lived in this house for 30 years. They must be sad so let them cry their heart out. He asks Sargunam to wait for 10 minutes.

Maasani says to Nachiyar that he is also sad to see their state. But he might be honest here. He is moving according to the law. He teases Maha for not able to complete her challenge. Court peoples asks everyone to sign the document. Mayan says to Gayathri that he won’t sign in the paper. Kathi tries to convince him to sign the agreement. Saranya takes Nachiyar there. Sargunam’s wife lashes out at Nachiyar. Court people asks Mayan to sign the agreement. Mayan starts crying seeing it. Maasani smirks in happiness.

. Mayan signs the agreement. Gayathri signs next. Court peoples call Saranya next. Saranya glares Mayan and signs the agreement in tears. Next Aishwarya comes there to sign the agreement. They asks Nachiyar to sign the agreement. Everyone starts crying seeing her. Mayan hides his face from her in shame. Nachiyar is staring the house emotionall.

Chidambaram stops Nachiyar from sign the agreement. Everyone staring him in shock. Chidambaram gives money to Maasani. He asks Sargunam to take the amount and leave from here. Maasani questions him doesn’t he has shame? Even after they kicked him out why did he helping them? Chidambaram replies to him that he has problems with his sister but he can’t allow someone to interfere in her matters.

Chidambaram lashes out at Sargunam and threatens Sargunam’s wife. He asks Sargunam to leave after get the money. Chidambaram says to Nachiyar she is his sister so he will never allow anyone to touch her. Maasani glares him. Sargunam receives the money and leaves. Mayan says to Kathi that all wickets are out remove the board and throw it on Maasani’s face. Nachiyar falls on Chidambaram’s feet and thank him.

Chidambaram asks Nachiyar to break the seal and enter inside the house. Nachiyar asks him to accompany her. Kathi praises Chidambaram. Chidambaram asks Nachiyar to break the lock. Nachiyar breaks it, all are clapping for her. Everyone enter inside the house happily. Nachiyar places the Rajarathinam photo in hall and puts the garland on it. All are happy to see it.

Episode end.