Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 9th October 2020 Written Update: Maha confronts Mayan

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 9th October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Mayan reach the school where Maha waiting for him already. He walks near her smiling. Maha stands there in silent. Mayan says to her that he is very happy for her decision so he decided to change himself for her. He gives the vermillion to her from temple.

She hesitate to take it so he helps her place it on her temple. He says to her he only wished to have two-person with him always one is his mom and another one is Maha. He is unlucky to have his mom in his life but he got Maha so his happiness having no bounds. He says to he have to confess one thing to her. Before he saying it Maha replies to him Surya met her few minutes before? Mayan got shocked though he ask to her for what purpose?

She replies to him he returned her 5lakhs. Mayan feels calm hearing it and says so its over. Maha tells him not over yet. He not only returned 5 lakhs additional 30 lakhs. Mayan stare her in question way. She says to him Surya didn’t eloped from his own someone paid him 15lakhs to him and force him to elope from mandap.

Actually she is just angry on him for recieving money but what will she do to the person whom brought her for 15lakhs. Mayan stands there silent in guilty. Maha says to him that she can forgive Surya because he apologize to her by returning the money but what about the person whom brought her for money? Mayan starts to tear hearing it. Maha question him why did he crying? Did he know the person whom cheat her. Mayan stands there in guilt.

Maha slapped him hard and beating him often by mentioning him as cheater. How dare him to betray her why did he stabbed back on them. She ask to him why did he betray them? How much her father trust him how could he cheat him? When he stood in road like an orphan he was the one taken him inside the house but he betrayed him. She added that Parvathy disliked his rowdy behaviours only not him. She never ask him to go out or didn’t hesitate to give food to him.

Mayan see her in guilt. She says to him doesn’t he has wetness in his heart when her father cried in the mandap and plead to him. He is a heartless person that is why he stands there in silent till he got her. She says to him in tears she even goes to police station for him in midnight though he cheated her. Her father used to mention him as Son not a son in law. He even brought him a new chain and bracelet for him in debt , though he cheated them badly and backstabbed him.

Atleast Surya apologized to her returning the money but what did he done? Mayan says to her that his love on her is genuine. She replies to him that he doesn’t know the meaning of love by saying she leaves from there.

Maha packing her bag to go back to her house. Mayan tries to stop her but she again accused him as betrayer. Mayan tries to explain her that he done everything for Maha. She replies to him that her father trusting him a lot unaware of his cunning face. Mayan plead to her don’t confess the truth to Rathinavelu he will be broken.

Maha says its for few minutes but he might know his real face and whom back stabbed him. Mayan pleads to her don’t do it because he can’t able to see him ignoring Mayan. Maha says he is so selfish just thinking about him only. Maha about to leave Mayan stops her by holding her hand. She warns him to take his hand from her and ask him not to follow her if he do it she will stand infront of lorry. She won’t back off

Mayan rushed into Surya house and starts to beats him for betray him after receiving the money. He replies to him he returned all money to him. Mayan says to him if he return it soon then he is a genuine one but what he done to him is backstabbing. He mocks him whom talking about betrayal and back stabbing. Mayan says to him that he loved Maha a lot that is why he done this all.

When he ask to Surya either Maha or Money he chose money over her but if this happens to Mayan he always choose Maha. He even betrayed his family to get her in his life but he spoiled everything. Surya advised him to confess all truth to her and apologize. He replies to him that he about to confess her but he spoiled everything if he say it now she won’t believe him.

Kasthuri calls Mayan and informs him that Rathinavelu got heart attack.