Namak Issk Ka 15th January 2021 Written Update: Kahani is in trouble

Namak Issk Ka 15th January 2021 Written Update on

Yug leaves Kahani. Police tells Kahani they need to search her as they doubt her. She asks what has happened, Police women finds drugs on her and arrests her for drug smuggling. Kahani tells this isn’t her. Kahani calls Raunak, but he hides behind the car seeing police. Raunak tells first he needs to save himself later he will save Kahani. Yug watches Kahani getting arrested, she remembers him telling her she should be where she is going.

Flashback shows Yug planted the drugs on her. Iravati thinks now the blackmailer doesn’t have any evidence. Raunak enter the house, Yug showers him with rose petals. He tells he is glad to see him here and hugs him. Rupa asks where was he since morning? Yug tells he was busy in work and mocks he was not running away from the country. Flashback shows his plan of going to Bangkok and Canada with Kahani. Yug’s mother tells she is glad to see them both together.

Yug tells he wants the day to begin with Rony and Rupa. He tells I will write Bhabhi maa’s name on bhaiya’s hand myself. Rony thinks he imagined writing Raunak and Kahani’s name on his hand but now everything wrong will be written. Yug writes Raunak’s name on Rupa’s hand. Police comes at Yug’s house as Iravati is writing Gunjan’s name on Yug’s hand. Police tells we are here to arrest Yug for smuggling drugs. Rupa asks what proof do they have? Police tells they have a witness. Kahani comes forward and tells she is the witness. Yug’s mother ask her is she joking?

Iravati slaps Kahani and tells before blaming you should have know whose son-in-law is Yug? Police tells Iravati not to take law in her own hand. Iravati tells you showed your reality, you can’t dance in my home. Everyone asks Iravati to calm down. Gunjan asks what is going on?

Kahani tells I am not lying, Yug did all this. Yug asks why would I do this? Kahani looks at Rony but doesn’t tell anything. Yug tells anyone can take a name. She can take any name, she can tell I am having an affair with her. She can tell my brother was leaving country with her? Are you going to believe anything she says? Police takes Kahani with her to investigate further. Kahani cries and asks Yug to tell the truth to everyone. Gunjan is crying and tells I love Yug a lot but I am afraid from what happened today. If Yug doesn’t marry me I will die, Rupa tells her Yug loves you and he will definitely marry you.

Gunjan tells Kahani blamed Yug, I am sure something is going on in between them. Rupa tells there is nothing in between Yug and Kahani, she promises Gunjan that she will be married to Yug. Yug tries to wash mehndi off his hand as C is written on his hand. Rupa asks Yug to answer her truly what is going on in between him and Kahani? Yug tells her that there is nothing in between him and Kahani. Rupa asks why would Kahani do this? Yug says he has no idea.

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