Namak Issk Ka 14th January 2021 Written Update: Kahani escapes from Yug

Namak Issk Ka 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Yug faints again,Kahani tries to wake him up and begins crying thinking about Lucky. She tries breaking the handcuffs with a stick but fails and she also falls unconscious with Yug. Rony is searching her in forest and finally finds her. Rony tells so much time got wasted in finding you. Rony searches keys for handcuffs to free Kahani. He finds it nearby and tells dekho dekho Yug ki bhabhi bhaiya le aye chabi.

When he returns to Yug,he can’t find them there. Kahani tries to shout and inform Raunak about her position but he leaves in other direction with his men. Kahani gives some leaves to Yug and asks him to eat it,it will help him relieve pain. Yug faints after eating and Kahani tries to open handcuffs. Rony comes there and offers her keys as wedding gift. Kahani slaps him continuously again and again.

Rony ask what is wrong with her? She slaps him again,Rony tells I am in so much pain. Kahani tells because of you I have to hurt Yug so much and lie him so many times. Rony tells are you more sad about marrying me or about lying to him? Do you have feelings for him? Has your heart started to beat for him?Rony tells my brother hates dancers and he won’t let you anywhere near the house. Kahani thinks about all the times Yug had insulted her in past.

Rony tells you are being emotional for someone who hates you but you don’t care about me? I want to marry you and treat you like a queen. Kahani tells I am marrying you,what else do you want? He gives her the keys and asks her to leave with him. Yug tells you told me you are marrying my brother for money but your eyes told something else,why are you marrying him? Kahani frees herself and leaves from there. Iravati is ill,doctor asks to take care of her. Iravati wakes up,everyone asks her to take rest.

Gunjan thinks somehow Iravati was involved in this that is why I couldn’t control myself. Iravati tells I am fine it is just workload so I fainted. She tells not to cancel mehendi function. Yug regains consciousness and is shocked to find Kahani missing. Rony brings Kahani to airport and tells first we will go to Bangkok and than Canada. He is after me like a ant is after sugar. Rony gets a call and leaves,Yug comes there. Kahani thinks about the times she hurt him and thinks about him trusting her from heart.

Yug congratulates her and tells her she is finally going where she belongs,he asks her never to talk about being honest or respectful. He tells a girl like you can be anything but not respected. Police stops Kahani. Gunjan tells Ravikant she failed to bring Iravati’s truth out in front of everyone but she failed and now she doesn’t have any evidence. She tells but she won’t loose so easily she will try again and bring out Iravati’s truth.

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