Namak Issk Ka 17th February 2021 Written Update: Kahani applies medicine on Yug’s wound.

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Kahani determined to find about her father, decides to live as Yug’s wife

Namak Issk Ka 17th February 2021 Written Update on

Kahani asks Yug to remove his Tshirt,she will apply haldi to his wound. Yug tells her she insulted him a lot downstairs why is she here now? Kahani tells him you can keep speaking whatever you want but let me apply haldi meanwhile. Yug tries to get away from her but Kahani brings scissors and cuts Yug’s Tshirt and applies haldi on his wound. Oo sajanva plays in BM. Kahani thinks about all the times Yug saved her.

Yug’s mother asks Kahani why did she do this? Kahani tells your family gave me so much pain so I couldn’t tolerate it so you had to get some of it for them. I never want to hurt Yug or you. Yug’s mother tells her what you did today you proved them all right. I don’t know why you did it,I am a mother and all I can see now is my Son’s pain.

Iravati thinks Kahani might be scared of her by now but Kahani comes to Iravati’s room. Kahani holds Iravati’s hand ,Iravati tells I will kill you when I get the chance. Iravati tells her you are Yug’s mistake and Rupa has stopped me otherwise I would have killed you by now. Kahani tells I have been raised on roads so don’t try to scare me,I am Lord Shiva’s devotee and you can’t send me out of this house no matter how much hard you try. Iravati tells her not to face her or she will suffer. Kahani tells her she has faced ladies like her since childhood.

Gunjan asks Iravati what was Kahani saying,is Kahani going to stay here forever?Iravati tells Gunjan I have promised you Yug will be yours. Yug saved her and now Rupa is saving her. Gunjan tells so you won’t do anything now? Iravati tells Yug will send Kahani out because of Rupa,now I will do what no one would have even imagined.

Thakur’s goons come to find Kahani. He tells we are here to watch Cham Cham Rani and shows Kahani’s poster. Dadi tears those posters. Thakur and his men start bad comments on all the lady’s of family. He tells I will give full money for each of them and extra for Cham Cham.

Yug comes there and tells them to stay away from his wife. Yug punches him but they take out guns and tells now I want Kahani to dance with Rupa. He tells now Rupa will dance and I will shoot if anyone moves from his place.

Flashback shows Iravati asked him to do all this. He hands Ghunghroo to Rupa,and tells I will shoot Yug if you don’t dance. They tie Yug with chains. Kahani tries to stop him but he throws Kahani. He ties ghunghroo on Rupa’s legs and asks her to dance. Rupa starts dancing and crying. Yug struggles to free himself and stop Rupa from dancing. The goons leave from there telling their work is done.

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