Namak Issk Ka 16th February 2021 Written Update: Kahani decided to tell Yug about her childhood.

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Dadi Maa to insult Saroj by asking her to become a dancer

Namak Issk Ka 16th February 2021 Written Update on

Kahani is crying thinking about all the taunts she got from Iravati and Yug’s grandmother. She thinks it is enough she will inform Yug that she is his childhood friend maybe he will understand her after that.

Yug’s grandmother tells Yug’s mother it was in her fate to get her life ruined by dancers. Neither she could control her husband nor her son. Rupa asks her not to say anything to Yug’s mother,how is any of this her fault. Yug’s grandmother gives his mother ghunghroo and tells her to wear it. She says if you can make a dancer your daughter-in-law I can make my daughter-in-law a dancer. Yug tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen to him.

Kahani is about to show her key to Yug but he throws it and tells she just wants money and that is why stayed back. He tells her she just wanted money and got it by marrying him instead of his brother. Yug tells you are a curse and you destroyed my house,you are greedy and selfish. Kahani tells I am a sparkle and if you come near me You will get burned but it won’t affect me because I am greedy and selfish. Yug leaves from there and Kahani sits down crying. Kahani thinks she just wanted to tell him the truth but he won’t be able to find his childhood friend.

Iravati asks who invited all this guests. Yug’s mother tells the guests my daughter-in-law is not well so we may not be able to do the rituals. Kahani tells I invited these guests and the rituals will take place. Kahani tells Iravati you forgot that you can remove Kajal but kalank stays forever. Kahani plays music and starts dancing.

Yug kicks the speakers and tells the guests to return to their house. Dolly and Patanga take food for Gunjan. Iravati boils milk and think of burning Kahani. Kahani tells Yug’s mother to start the ritual. She wears goonghat and sits down and asks her to start the ritual. Iravati comes there with bowl of boiling milk and throws it on Kahani but Yug comes in between and saves her.

Iravati asks what is this madness ? Rupa tells Yug doesn’t tolerate wrong. Iravati tells I will cut Kahani. Rupa stops Iravati and tells Kahani is not the problem,it is my face. Look at Yug, he got hurt because of you. Everytime you will try to hurt Kahani he will stand in front of you. She warns Iravati never to hurt Yug again or else she will break his relation with her too.

Rupa blames Raunak for whatever happened to Yug today. Yug’s grandmother tells you were only getting your husband married to Kahani. Raunak tells no need to drag the matter.

Harsh asks Rupa why is she crying? She tells she is not crying,there was some dirt in his eyes and takes him to finish his homework.

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