Namak Issk Ka 21st January 2021 Written Update: Yug gives another chance to Kahani to tell her the truth.

Namak Issk Ka 21st January 2021 Written Update on

Kahani comes home to find her engagement ring,she remembers Rony telling her there is a gift waiting for her at home. Yug comes to her house. She quickly hides the marriage material sent by Rony. Yug asks her why is she crying is she sorry because her plan failed? He tells he saved his family and asks Kahani to stay away from his family or he will send her back to jail. Yug finds the mangalsutra sent by Rony.

Patanga tells because of Kahani Gunjan’s marriage rituals got ruined. He tells pity for both Kahani and Gunjan.Gunjan cuts her wrist,she tells my marriage rituals got ruined even my marriage will get ruined. She tells I don’t know what I will do if my marriage got cancelled.Iravati tells I promise you your marriage will occur. I will get you married anyhow,you have no idea what I can do. Gunjan taunts only I and father know what all you can do. She tells you have done so much for the family. Patanga gives her first aid. Yug’s mother asks Rupa to make Gunjan understand but Rupa is lost in her thoughts and faints thinking about Rony’s words. Rony catches her as she is about to fall.

Yug picks up the mangalsutra and tells I saw how low you can stoop but there is no limit. I have seen may money thieves but you are first husband thief. Yug asks her what is your problem? Tell me I will help you find a solution. She remembers Rony telling her that she loves him if she wants to save Lucky. She tells Yug I love him. Yug tells love is to bear pain,save families and not destroy them.

Flashback shows Yug’s mother telling kid Yug his father left him for a dancer and weeping,He imagines Rupa in similar situations.He tells Kahani love is about getting lost not destroying lives. He pushes Kahani against wall and she starts to bleed and she tells she is getting hurt.

Rupa gains consciousness and tells it was all lie. Why did you do this to me Raunak? She tells my bangles,bindi,my mangalsutra are all lies now. She asks why did you do this to me? Raunak tells I wanted a wife who will ring my heart’s bell. I dreamed about bhalle papdi but I got burned daliya. He tells I never loved you not even for a second. Who will love you truly? I can’t. Rupa tells so my scar is the reason? She picks up a knife and tells today I will finish the reason.

Yug feels Kahani’s blood dripping on his hand. Rony tells my brother made my life horrible for you. He tells Rupa about everything Yug did to stop his marriage from Kahani. Raunak tells now when you know everything I have no fear you can tell whoever you want. Rupa asks you never loved me not even for a moment? He tells yes I didn’t ,I never loved you. He leaves Rupa crying . Rupa remembers the praises Rony told her.

She climbs on terrace and thinks about Rony’s confession of loving Kahani and not loving her. She is about to jump from the terrace,Yug watches this from below and rushes to save her. Rupa falls from terrace but Yug holds her hand. Rupa is hanging from the terrace and Yug holds her. Kahani calls and begs for Lucky,Rony tells my wife is hanging and I am going to save her. Kahani gets worried thinking about Rupa. Yug and Rony pick Rupa up.

Rupa is unconscious and everyone tries to wake her up. Gunjan asks Yug how did Rupa fall? Yug looks at Rony and tells he doesn’t know. Iravati tells now only Rupa will tell what happened. Yug drags Rony by his collar and asks him why did she jump?
He asks Rony you know something. Did you tell her about your and Kahani’s affair? Rony thinks why am I afraid. Let me tell at once and finish the matter.

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