Namak Issk Ka 5th February 2021 Written Update: Truth comes out in front of everyone.

Namak Issk Ka 2nd February 2021 Written Update on

Rupa tells why isn’t Kahani here yet. Raunak tells Rupa I will leave this room with Kahani only because our relation is over now. Rupa tells our relation was over long back. Kahani comes in dressed as Rupa, Rupa asks her to do Goonghat. Raunak asks Rupa to leave now.

Yug prays to God for Rupa’s suhaag.Yug tells God that devotee has done his best to save the marriage but now he needs God’s help. He asks God to help him, air blows and he finds the chit Kahani gave to Rupa. He thinks why would Kahani tell this to Rupa, I have to ask her. Kahani is about to leave the room for marriage but Raunak stops her and tells what is the hurry? Let us enjoy this moment. Raunak tells Kahani after marriage this room will be yours, I will be yours. I will hold your hands but I won’t leave it after marriage. I will come closer to you remove the Goonghat from your moon like face. Yug watches this from outside and gets shocked finding Kahani with Raunak. Yug overhears Raunak telling Kahani, Rupa is getting me married with you. Raunak tells she is doing all this for Yug and Gunjan’s marriage. There are two type of people and I am second type who want to take advantage of other people’s sacrifice.

Yug wipes his tear. Raunak walks out of the room with Kahani. Yug watches them walk towards mandap. Yug remembers Rupa lying to him.

Juhi announces Yug’s name on mic and asks him to come first or Gunjan might change her mind. Yug is looking for Rupa.

Iravati regains consciousness. She tells what my power couldn’t do I have to do myself. I have to reach the mandap and stop the marriage anyhow. She is about to fall down but Yug saves her she tells Yug to stop Raunak and Kahani’s marriage. Yug promises her no matter what happens I won’t let Raunak and Kahani marry today.

Rupa is crying in a corner. Yug picks her up. Raunak is getting impatient as Yug is not coming. Juhi is about to bring him but Yug comes himself with Rupa in Goonghat.

Everyone is shocked at what is happening before them. Yug’s grandmother tells one Mandap, two grooms and three brides what is going on? Yug removes Rupa’s mandap. Yug’s mother asks who is in Rupa’s place thn? Yug removes Kahani’s Goonghat also.

Yug’s mother asks Raunak to speak why was Kahani in Rupa’s place. She asks Yug what is happening here? Yug tells Rupa wanted Raunak to marry Kahani. Yug’s grandmother scolds her. Yug tells why are you questioning her, is it not husband’s responsibility? Raunak and Kahani are the criminal ask them. Yug tells my Bhabhi is a goddess who was born in Kalyug by mistake. My bhabhi is removing her sindoor for her husband. She found out Raunak is in love with this dancer so my bhabhi Maa gave her husband to her.

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