Namak Issk Ka 9th February 2021 Written Update: Gunjan blames Rupa for everything.

Namak Issk Ka 8th February 2021 Written Update on

Everyone looks shocked at Yug’s action. Kahani is in complete disbelief.Rauank shouts are you mad she is my love. Yug asks panditji to start reading the mantras. He picks up Kahani in his arms and starts taking feras in the burning mandap. Oo sajanva sad plays in B.M. Raunak tries to free himself. Gunjan asks Rupa to tell Yug to come down,how can he do this. She weeps and asks Yug to come down,she tells she said she was afraid. Yug tells Kahani this is my family’s mangalsutra and market dancers have no right on this. Panditji tells the marriage is over now.

Yug tells Raunak now you can never marry her as she is this family’s daughter-in-law,won’t you give her blessings now? Yug’s grandmother tells you have insulted all of us by putting sindoor on Kahani’s head.

Iravati faints,Yug picks her up and and brings her inside. Doctor tells to give the same medicine as previous time. Yug tells Iravati made me promise not to let this marriage happen anyhow. Juhi tells you should have thought calmly atleast once. Yug tells Rupa you are more than goddess for me and whatever I did was for you.

Kahani throws the garland on floor and walk towards who is still sitting on ground in disbelief. She shouts at him what happened,what all have you done? Raunak tells my brain is not working. Kahani tells all this is done by you,she asks him shut up. Do you think I am a katputli ,all of you want me to dance according to you. You were blackmailing me nothing else. She tells I am a game for you and your brother and today your brother won. She tells I am a human being not a doll but it is enough,I am begging you for one last time,everything is over now so please free Rani and Lucky now.

Yug tells his mother I did this because I did not want what happened with you to happen with Rupa. Yug’s mother tells you have ruined three life’s to save one. Raunak tells to send Rani and Lucky home safely. He tells I loved you. Kahani tells love is not selfish. Raunak tells no one thaught about me ever so I have to become selfish. Raunak tells she is a goddess so send her to temple,how can I keep her in my heart. I love you so what should I do!

Rupa tries to calm Gunjan. Gunjan tells Rupa to stay away from her. She tells Rupa you have been everyone’s favourite since childhood and everyone cares about you only. No one thinks about me,am I so bad that I don’t deserve anything. Gunjan tells Rupa you know I love Yug so much but today he got snatched away from me only because of you and I will never forgive you for that.

Gunjan picks Kahani and tries to throw her in fire. She tells I will kill her,she has ruined my life. Gunjan tells you can only break people’s house. Kahani shouts at everyone and tells today I will speak and you all are going to listen and I am going to say. She tells what do you all think I stole your husband? She tells Kahani is my name and I always speak the truth. The truth is Raunak loves me but I don’t love him. Kahani tells yes I was being forced,I was silent for Lucky and Rani. Raunak had kidnapped my brother and sister.

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