Namak Issk Ka 8th February 2021 Written Update: Yug marries Kahani

Namak Issk Ka 8th February 2021 Written Update on

Yug tells bhabhi is removing her sindoor for her husband when she found out Raunak is in love with this dancer she gave her husband to him. Raunak’s mother slaps him and asks him to tell Yug is lying she starts beating him and crying loudly. She asks all this was happening under my nose and I had no idea. She tells you are even worse than your father. Raunak asks did you think about me? His grandmother slaps him twice. She is about to drag Kahani outside the house but Raunak stops her she is my love story and I will marry her and that is why Rupa was getting me married.

Yug’s mother tells Rupa that till today I have watched ladies giving her life but you were about to give your husband but why didn’t you share with anyone? Yug tells she was silent for my and Gunjan’s marriage. Raunak asks what does love mean? Yug’s mother tells what you are doing is not love,it is madness. Yug tells I won’t let Rupa’s happiness finish because of his madness. Raunak tells Rupa saved your life you could have given her money but you presented me to him and this is my brother he always keeps talking about his bhabhi.

Raunak asks what is my fault,I just wanted a beautiful wife. Yug holds Raunak’s collar and warns him not to to speak a word against Rupa. Rupa stops Yug and tells marriage can be forced but love cannot be and Raunak doesn’t love me. He wanted moon but he got daag. Rupa tells I want his happiness,I want Yug and Gunjan’s happiness so please let this marriage happen and let me go. Yug tells relations are made once,I won’t let his and Kahani’s marriage happen. Harsh asks Raunak why is Rupa crying? Rupa hug him. Harsh asks why is Kahani aunty in bride’s dress? He asks grandmother what is going on,are we playing statue? Dolly takes Harsh inside.

Yug’s grandmother tells wife makes the house a temple and a dancer makes it a market. Yug’s mother tells my eyes have seen truth in your eyes so I want you to speak the truth or else my house will break. She tells I know you are being forced,tell me the truth I am with you. Kahani remembers Raunak threatening to kill Lucky and Rani, she tells the truth is Raunak loves me a lot and his happiness matters to me.

Raunak tells the pandit to start the marriage,he will marry Kahani here only. He picks up a fire stick and threatens to set the entire mandap on fire. Yug tells burn me if you can,he snatches the stick from Raunak and tells I knew you cannot burn your little brother. Raunak puts ghee on himself and tells he will burn himself if anyone tries to stop him. Iravati threatens Raunak to stop.

Yug throws Raunak on ground and ties him. He tells I won’t let you marry that dancer. Raunak tells I will marry Kahani,if not today maybe tomorrow or some other day. I will marry her in front of you,untie me and I will show you.

Yug lights a matchstick and sets the mandap on fire with Kahani inside it. He enters the burning mandap and puts sindoor on Kahani’s head. Everyone watches in shock. Kahani is unable to believe what just happened and looks in shock at Yug.

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