Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Kahani applies Turmeric paste on Yug’s burns to soothe his pain

Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Kahani applies Turmeric paste on Yug’s burns to soothe his pain
Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Kahani applies Turmeric paste on Yug’s burns to soothe his pain

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness a huge twist in the upcoming episodes. This new twist will rejoice viewers as now they will witness new life of Yug and Kahani as a married couple. Viewers will get to watch Yug and Kahani’s love-hate marriage relationship in the episodes ahead.

In the last episode, Saroj got scolded and insulted by Dadi and Iravati. Yug got angry hearing his mother’s insult and vent out his frustration Kahani, due to which Kahani failed to tell him the truth about their childhood friendship.

Kahani lost all her patience and performed a dance on her own munh dikhayi in front of all the guests, embarrassing Rajputs. Yug sent all the guests back, but that didn’t stop Kahani and her anger. She requested Saroj to do her munh dikhayi. In between the ritual, Iravati arrived and tried throwing scorching milk on Kahani’s face, but Yug saved her and got burned in the process.

Rupa got angry on Iravati for what she did, while Dadi blamed Kahani. Everybody got worried for Yug and applied ice on his burns.

In the upcoming episode, Kahani will be seen applying Turmeric paste on Yug’s burns. Both of them will look at each other with love in paste applying process for long time. Yug will get asleep, Saroj will arrive and show care for him. She will question Kahani for embarrassing them in front of guests. Kahani will apologize and explain her reason for creating drama, that she lost patience hearing everyone’s taunts. Both Kahani and Saroj will hug each other and cry.

Kahani in anger will reach Iravati’s room and warn her to not hurt Yug. Both of them will challenge each other. Kahani will challenge that she will never leave Rajput house and not let anyone hurt Yug. While Iravati will challenge that she anyhow throw Kahani out of the house. Kahani will leave from there and Gunjan will enter saying she heard what Kahani said. She will in fear ask Iravati, how they will now separate Kahani and Yug.

Iravati will assure her that she will make the situation where Yug will himself throw Kahani out of the house and Rupa will become the reason for that. After some time, some goons will enter Rajput house and demand to see Chamcham’s (Kahani’s) dance.

Goons will humiliate whole family and especially the women. Yug will get angry on them, then goons will say that now Rupa will too dance with Kahani. They will put gun on Yug’s head. Kahani will request them not to trouble Rupa, she will perform. But as per Iravati’s orders, goons will force Rupa to dance, making her wear the Ghungroos and also throw notes on her.

Goons will leave insulting Rajputs and everyone will break down. Family will sit beside Rupa and calm her. Kahani will too be seen broken.

Will goons this drama create more differences between Kahani and Yug? How will Kahani handle whole family’s hate, blames and taunts after all this drama? Will Yug throw out Kahani as per Iravati’s plan? Will Kahani be able to prove her innocence and expose Iravati?

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