Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Kahani in a difficult situation, big twist ahead

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Kahani in a difficult situation, big twist ahead

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In the last episode, viewers watched how Yug framed Kahani in Drug Smuggling charges. Then after big argument with Rony, Yug planned and Kidnapped Kahani from Police Jeep. He made Kahani a bigger criminal in the eyes of law by making her runaway. Kahani somehow escaped Police and Yug. She even had to run away from her home with Rani. Both sisters had to walk on streets hungry which led to Rani getting faint.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will get to see Kahani feeding Rani the food she managed to get. Both of them will sleep in a ruined car on street. The next morning Kahani will sneak in Yug’s house to meet and request Raunak. Yug will imagine Kahani requesting him on her knees to help her. Rupa will call Rony for Pooja when Rony will be busy talking to lawyer to help Kahani get rid of drug smuggling charges, but he will change talk against Kahani after seeing Rupa coming near to him.

Everyone will be called for Pooja, in which all ladies will be seen returning with water pitchers (ghadaas) on their heads from lake. Rupa will explain that in this Pooja, water is brought from lake, with which bride and groom are given bath.

Rony will see Kahani and both of them will meet in a room, where Kahani will request him to free lucky and be happy with his wife. She will also tell him how Yug freed her from Police in his get up and made her a bigger criminal that police is chasing her everywhere. They will also argue as Rony will feel bad hearing Yug’s praise from Kahani. Rony will give her his Farmhouse keys and will refuse to free Lucky until he gets married to her.

Everybody will be having a happy moment, when Harsh (Rupa’s son) will come with paper plane made up of Rony and Kahani’s plane ticket. Rony and Yug will get tensed seeing this and somehow will escape this matter. Iravati and Saroj will go to get Gunjan’s Bangle from her room. Saroj will go out but Iravati will find Kahani’s anklet on floor. Kahani will try to hide from her.

In further episodes viewers will get to see that Kahani will get caught by Iravati. Iravati will call Police and pull Kahani out of the house. If sources are to be believed this water ceremony for bride groom will happen between Kahani (Chamcham) and Yug, just like in Mehandi Ceremony Chamcham’s initial ‘C’ got on Yug’s hand. See below:

Another information is coming that soon there will be a huge fight or Drama on Yug’s house terrace. See below:

As per Instagram story of Namak Issk Ka actress “Shruti Sharma” Gunjan and Kahani will get injured. Gunjan’s wound indicates that she will try to commit suicide. See below:

Another video from Rajshri Rani’s Insta Story indicates that soon her Character Rupa will get a look change which will surprise and shock everyone. See Below:

Sources also inform that Yug and Kahani’s love story is soon gonna start in the show.

What drama or fight is gonna happen and between whom? How will Kahani face all these Troubles? Will Yug realize Kahani’s innocence?

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