Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Yug Fills Kahani’s Hairline, Iravati to shoot Kahani

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness huge twist in the upcoming episodes. Rony in his selfishness has ruined many lives, his blackmailing made Kahani hurt Rupa, Yug and Rajputs. She became a bad persons in everyone’s eyes.

In the current track, viewers watched how Rony even manipulated Rupa in his game to give him divorce. Rupa even helped him and Kahani in performing wedding ceremonies with each other. She even saved Kahani herself and with Yug’s help from Iravati’s murderous plans. But Iravati played another game bearing the black magic pain herself and made Yug attack Kahani. Because of Black magic Yug left Kahani tied in her house and lit it with fire.

Destiny saved Kahani in getting saved from fire as people nearby her house saw fire and helped her. She cried for some time but then made a final decision that she will cross any limits for Rani and Lucky. Yug crossed for his Bhabhi Maa Rupa. She visited Yug house and with Rony and Rupa’s help replaced Rupa in wedding outfit.  After Kaal Yog, Marriage ceremony started but Yug went missing as he saw weak Iravati who asked a promise from him to stop Rony and Kahani’s marriage as Rupa’s life will get ruined.

Yug brought Rupa in front of everyone. Family got shocked to see Rupa with Yug and asked then who is with Rony in Mandap then? Yug reveals Kahani’s face too shocking his family once more. Yug’s grandmother started questioning Rupa, but Yug stood in her support and revealed Rony and Kahani’s affair. He humiliated both of them especially Kahani.

We already shared the 8th Feb promo in our earlier reports, where Yug is seen forcefully filling Kahani’s hairline in anger and he also promises her that he will ruin her life for whatever she did with his Bhabhi Maa (Rupa). See Promo:

Now, we have got our hands on some pictures from the upcoming track, see here:

These pictures indicates that Yug’s revelation of Kahani and Rony’s affair will bring a huge twist and whole family will disown Rony. Another thing that will happen is that Yug will forcefully fill Kahani’s hairline and promise to ruin her life, he will disown her after marrying her. But Iravati will not be satisfied with this punishment for Kahani and in anger she will shoot Kahani. This is not yet confirmed, but this what the above pictures from sources indicate.

How will now Kahani save Rani and Lucky? Will Gunjan become Kahani’s enemy? Will Yug come to save Kahani after Iravati’s shot at her? Will Rony’s blackmailing truth come in front of Rajputs?

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