Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Yug to put Kahani in danger, Reason: Iravati

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Yug to put Kahani in danger, Reason: Iravati

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness huge twist in the upcoming episodes. Kahani is stuck in dilemma and guilt. Because of Rony, she is hurting Rupa by coming in between her married life. She has become a bad person in everyone’s eyes especially Yug. Yug is also getting hurt in process to stop Rony and Kahani. Now Kahani has to save Lucky and Rani anyhow.

In the current track viewers watched, that marriage ceremony began and Rupa helps Kahani in getting ready in bridal attire. Iravati interrupt them and tried to kill Kahani, but got tied by Rupa. Patanga helped Iravati to get free and mix something in Havan Samagri which causes a lot of smoke. Iravati took advantage of smoke and kidnapped Kahani. She also managed to make Rupa sit in mandap with Rony and ordered her goons to bury Kahani alive.

In the upcoming episodes viewers will get to watch that Rupa smartly acts to faint in between wedding vows and asked Yug to help her in saving Kahani. Yug will make excuse to bring Rupa’s medicines. Iravati hears everything and plays another trick. She makes Yug wear a black thread. Gunjan will ask Yug to return soon and tell that she will wait for him.

Yug will reach the location Rupa told and will search for Kahani. He will scream Kahani’s name and the will hear Kahani’s scream for help from ground. He will get Rupa’s call and will inform her that goons buried Kahani in forest somewhere. He will promise Rupa that he will anyhow save Kahani.

He will find Kahani’s anklet on the ground and start digging that particular place non-stop. He will finally get Kahani out of pit and box.  He will try to wake her up but fail and get restless seeing her like that. He will cry and ask to get up she cannot leave him. His tear will fall on her and she will get a little consciousness.

In Rajput mansion, Rony will scream on Rupa for playing games with him and will also ask about Kahani’s whereabouts. Rupa will sternly reply him that if she wanted to marry him again then she would never acted to faint in between wedding vows. She will tell similar lie which she told Yug that some goons from Arrah kidnaped Kahani because she took some money from them and couldn’t return. Rony also believed whatever she said gave her a last chance and threaten that otherwise he will himself reveal before family that he wants to marry Kahani.

Yug will decide to take Kahani to her own home so that she doesn’t create problems in Rupa’s life. He will think that Kahani should have been a good and true person but she is not. Kahani will get conscious and Yug will as usual talk to her rudely and tell her the story similar to which Rupa narrated him. Kahani will get confused that Why Rupa lied? And only Rupa can tell who did all this with her? On the other side Rupa and Iravati will challenge each other that both of them will not let the other one get successful in their plans.

As per sources in the further episodes, viewers will get to watch that Yug will attempt to burn Kahani alive under the control of Iravati’s black magic.

We in our yesterday’s report shared the new promo of ‘Namak Issk Ka’ which shows that Yug in anger will be seen filling Kahani’s hairline and promise to ruin Kahani’s life. See below:

When will Yug realize Kahani’s innocence? How will Kahani save Rani and Lucky if Yug will marry her? What will be family’s reaction on Yug and Kahani’s marriage? What will be Gunjan, Rony and Iravati’s next step against Kahani?

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