Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher sentenced to life imprisonment by court, leap to change Meher’s profession

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher sentenced to life imprisonment by court, leap to change Meher’s profession

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is all set to witness twist and turns and a leap ahead. Meher got accused of her own brother Jagga’s death. Jagga’s crimination ceremony was held. Whole family broke down with Jagga’s loss.

Meher with Sarab’s help got the permission to attend Jagga’s last rites. Meher tried to talk to Dhillon family they either ignore or berate her. Even the society people taunt Meher and say that now Meher’s kids will be called as a murderers kids. Kulwant stopped Meher from coming forward and see Jagga. She also burn Meher’s belongings and perform her last rites. Whereas Yuvi takes oath to finish his father’s murderer’s family while doing last rites of Jagga. Meher is taken with police.

In the upcoming episodes, a courtroom scene will be shown where Meher will get life imprisonment from Judge considering all the evidences against her. Media will land questions on Meher but Sarabjit will get her rid of them. At Gill Mansion Param will try to handle crying Karan and himself cry missing Meher.

On the other side Meher will ask Sarabjit to promise her that he will take care of the kids and tell them that their Meher Mumma died and is no more. Sarabjit will try to make her understand that he will prove her innocent by going in High Court.

At Dhillon Mansion Kulwant will make Yuvi eat Neem Laddoos and herself sit on nailed chair. By doing all this she will make Yuvi understand that he needs to be stronger to take revenge from Meher and Gill Family. He will eat them and promise her that he will surely take Jagga’s murder revenge.

Kulwant will reach Gill mansion with Meher’s belongings ashes and threaten Harleen that she will take revenge and finish Meher and Gill Family. Police will take Meher with them. Both Sarabjit and Meher will cry and recall past as well as happy memories with each other.  

We already informed you about the leap and also shared the new looks of most of the Choti Sarrdaarni cast. Many of them have already reached Pahalgam town in Jammu and Kashmir for upcoming track shoot which will be aired after 5-year leap i.e. from 4th February 2021 approx.

Colors TV recently on its Instagram story posted a picture of Meher aka Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia in her new look and also gave an activity to fans to guess what will be Meher’s profession in Kashmir. See below:

According to speculations Meher will be shown as a teacher after leap, but our predictions says that she will either be a caterer or small restaurant owner. Another information coming from sources is that Seher will become the reason of Meher and Sarabjit’s reunion.

 How will Meher be proven innocent? Will Sarabjit be aware about his daughter Seher and Meher living in Kashmir?

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