Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Yug to send Kahani, Lucky and Rani away

Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Yug to send Kahani, Lucky and Rani away
Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Yug to send Kahani, Lucky and Rani away

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness a huge twist in the upcoming episodes. This new twist will rejoice viewers as now they will witness new life of Yug and Kahani as a married couple. Viewers will get to watch Yug and Kahani facing tough challenges in their married relationship in the episodes ahead.

In the current track, viewers watched Yug and Kahani got married again for Rani and Lucky’s sake. They shocked and irked family by bringing Rani and Lucky home. Lucky and Rani got happy to see Yug’s support towards Kahani.

In the upcoming episode, Gunjan and Rony will be seen raising questions on Kahani and Yug’s married relationship. Yug will shock everyone by saying that from now onwards he and Kahani will live in his room. He will ask Patanga and his wife to shift Lucky and Rani to guest room. Kahani will argue with Yug that she will stay with her brother-sister. Yug will forcefully take Kahani in his arms to his room and sit at door. Kahani will think where she has got struck.

Gunjan in anger will tear and scatter all the gifts given by Yug in front of Ravikant. Saroj will try to stop Gunjan and console her by asking her to give some time to Yug, at the end Yug will be hers. Iravati and Rupa will too reach there. Rupa will try to explain that Yug is doing everything by thinking carefully about everyone. Iravati and Gunjan will talk harsh with both Rupa and Saroj. Saroj will leave and Iravati will insult Rupa referring to her face spot.

Yug and Kahani will have some cute pillow fight moments between them. Iravati will lose her patience and start her black magic to kill Kahani. Yug in his room will see his photo frame falling on Kahani and will save her. Even on Kahani’s insistence Yug will not allow Kahani to meet Lucky and Rani for the time being.

Lucky and Rani will enjoy their fluffy bed. They will thank God for giving Kahani and them the best house and best mattress. Lucky and Rani will discuss how Kahani became old landlord’s favourite. Both of them will think to make Kahani favourite of Rajput family by giving flowers to them.

Harsh will be happy to receive flower from Rani and Lucky and wish to become their friend. Rony will reach the kids and insult Rani-Lucky. He will manipulate Harsh to treat Kahani’s brother-sister just like Yug treats Kahani. Harsh will push Lucky hard making him fall on the floor.

Rani will try to calm crying Lucky. Rony will lie in front of family that it was Lucky’s fault. Lucky in return will tell the truth, but Rony, Iravati and Dadi will praise Harsh’s behavior. Kahani will reach there and in a taunting way will say, ‘”you all are teaching very good things to kids”.

We recently got our hands a on an image of Yug and Kahani. In this image they are seen standing near Passport Service Center. If sources are to believed Yug will send Kahani, Lucky and Rani to London. See Image:

Will Yug scold Lucky believing him to be at fault? Will Ravikant stand up for Kahani? Will Rony get exposed in front of everyone? Will Yug get successful in sending Kahani away?

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