Namak Issk Ka: What will Iravati and Saroj plan?

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Colors TV show Namak Issk ka is all set to take a U turn with Yug marrying Gunjan. Will yug fall trap his family’s plan? Can Kahani realize the evil plan of Saroj and Iravati? Will Kahani stop Yug from marrying Gunjan? Will Kahani withdraw the case?

In the recent episode Yug and Gunjan are sitting in mandap and Yug called Kahani to do Gathbandhan? Yug called Kahani. Kahani came down dressed in a saree of Yug’s choice and did Yug’s Gatbandhan. Yug wished Kahani to stop him from marrying. Raunak blackmailed Kahani’s lawyer to call her outside. Kahani fell trap to Raunak and Iravati’s plan.

Kahani’s lawyer told media that Yug’s father ran away with a dancer and Kahani’s father Ravikant did second marriage and today Kahani’s husband Yug is doing the same thing. Kahani slapped the lawyer and tells him not to utter a word against her husband. Media questioned Kahani if her accusition on Ravikant is true? Kahani told yes Ravikant is father and he married again without leaving her mother. Media asks Kahani if she will withdraw the case? Kahani told never. Yug recalled promising Kahani to marry Gunjan if she does not withdraw the case.

Media asked if you have to choose between your husband and justice what will you choose. Kahani told justice is bigger than any relationship. Saroj told she fought for Kahani with everyone and now she is breaking all relations because of her stubborness. Raunak told all this is her plan,she just wants to attract people towards her. Saroj told Kahani stayed with us for so much time and still she does not have any attachment with us,people will think that we torture her in the house. Saroj got a call and they make fun of her family. Yug told for him his family is more important than Kahani. Yug told now this marriage will happen.

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