Nazar 17th September 2019 written update: Piya gets possessed by Bhasmika.

The episode starts with Vedashree showing Mohhana’s glowing statue to Ansh. She says that even Nishant is not aware of what’s happening. They get worried for the children in the house while Adi and Pari peep in. Ansh notices them and they signal him to meet them.

Ansh asks them the reason and they say that this is the right time for patching up with Mom. Pari calls Piya and says about everyone missing her including Papa. Piya scolds her for being naughty and she says how much pain Ansh is in.

Piya cuts the cut call and searches something in the cupboard. White smoke comes near her and Piya senses it. She searches to find Ansh flying outside the window. He says that he wants to discuss something important. He says that all their family is leaving for badhal. so he asks her to take care of children in their absence. Adi asks Pari if their plan will work and she says for sure.

Piya asks him to leave children in her place but Ansh reasons out for them sleeping. However, Piya sees them peeping out of car window and understands their plan. She says that she doesn’t want to come and asks him to stop giving false hope to children and leaves.

Dilruba and Naman are leaving for honeymoon to Aliba. Naman is least interested in it when Saavi enters the place. She says about Bhasmika’s ashes glowing and they get shocked. She says that they have to find a solution to stop her rebirth and Naman gets irked. He says Dilruba that their honeymoon is postponed agrees.

Piya takes Pari and Adi with her and Pari asks Piya to stay with her with Papa but Piya denies. Piya starts taking the kids but Ansh stops and hugs them. They bid him bye and Pari asks sorry to him. Nishant says to everyone that they need to leave to badhal as soon as possible. They start leaving.

Piya tells stories to Pari and Adi. They ask for another story but Piya denies and asks them to sleep. She comes out to find a black smoke with the shape of the woman and gets shocked. The smoke enters Pays.

Adi and Pari discuss their failed plan. They thought of some other plan but couldn’t come up with a better one. So they decide to sleep but Ansh senses something wrong. He says the same to Pari.

Bhasmika’s soul enters Piya and creates her duplicate. She says that it’s because of her, her marriage with Ansh got canceled and now she herself will help her get Ansh. She says that no one including her kids can see her now. She warns her to stay away from her kids.

Bhasmika in the form of Piya sees the family going to badhal and jumps on their van. Ansh senses it. Naman and Savvi discuss ways to stop Bhasmika.

Precap: bhasmika tries freeing Mohona and Ansh senses her presence.