Nazar 19th September 2019 written update: Bhasmika seduces Ansh and Piya’s family gets to know the truth.

The episode starts with Bhasmika visits Guruma and Guruma blesses her thinking her to be Piya. Guruma gets Saanvi’s call and Guruma understands that the girl in front of her is not Piya. Bhasmika strangles Guruma before she could inform the others.

Saanvi comes to Piya’s house and asks about Piya to the kids. Pari says that Piya is behaving weird from last night. She says that she didn’t even tie her hair the way she used to tie regularly. Saanvi gets into thinking while Piya enters. She says that she went to the bakery to buy food for kids as it’s Sunday. She says that she wanted to treat something delicious for the kids. In the meantime, Piya is roaming around the house wondering about how to alert others of Bhasmika taking her form.

Bhasmika comes to Rathod house with kids and the family gets happy. They get extremely happy thinking that Piya has given another chance Ansh. Bhasmika says that she has come for her kid’s happiness and Ansh gets happy. Piya tries to hint the Rathod’s about her existence but in vain. On the other hand, Nishant tries to decode where could Bhasmika go. He wonders that if she tries sneaking into the Rathod family what technique could she use to get to them.

Bhasmika plans to get her motive completed me the full moon night. She decorates the balcony in a romantic way to seduce Ansh. The family is having dinner and Pari complains that her mother is fully aware of her has bought vanilla ice cream when in actual she hates it. She says that from the time Adi returned her full focus is only on him and not on her. Adi asks her to call him brother as he’s elder to her but Pari denies calling him so until she gets her ice cream.

In the meantime Piya realizes that she can only touch sand and Nishant, Naman and Saavi doubt on Bhasmika in someone’s body. Piya uses sand to let her family know that Bhasmika took her form and they rush to stop Bhasmika.

Ansh comes to his room and Piya’s soul tries calling but he couldn’t hear her. Bhasmika calls him from Balcony and Ansh goes to her. Bhasmika invites him to get intimate with her and Ansh also steps in water for the same. Piya thinks that she has to stop Ansh somehow else it will be a mess. Piya sees some ashes and throws it on Ansh and in return some furniture break. In the meantime, Ansh feels uneasy and Bhasmika gets angered on Piya. However, she let it go as she’s aware that Poya couldn’t harm her much and proceeds with her work.

Precap: Ansh, however, realizes that she’s not Piya and Bhasmika pushes him hard. She says that he has found her but can never save the real Piya. Piya tries calling Ansh but he couldn’t hear her.