Nazar 29th January 2020 Written Update: Aayush bids goodbye forever

The episode starts with Piya saying Aayush that if he wants them to leave his life then they are ready to do it. She agrees to leave the place with her family to moon. Pari too hugs him for one last time and asks him to remember her.

They all bid an emotional goodbye while Mohana gets happy as all the thorns in her life is getting cleared. They are about to enter the hhip when all of a sudden they see Aayush in the ship. He says that as he said the ship will leave for sure but not empty. He says he’s leaving to moon as he deserves the punishment. Piya and Ansh negs him not to leave as its not his fault but Aayush says that he needs to leave.

Pari asks when will he return for which Aayush says that he’ll never return. He says whenever they miss he ask them to look at the moon as he’ll be watching from there. Chaitali asks about the two moon night juice effect and he says that it’s dreamworld and anything can happen there. He asks them to go back but they deny leaving him alone. He takes Mohana with him to the moon shocking her.

Nishant and Saanvi argue about who will use the potion to bring back the family as if the time limit crosses they can never return.

Naman comes there and says that he’ll go. Nishant sprinkles the potion in him and waits. On the other hand Aayush sends the souls back to earth and everyone wakes up from their sleep. Piya cries for Aayush and Ansh consoles her.

Nishant asks for Aayush too and they say what happened. Nishant and Saanvi too gets devastated. On the other hand Mohana jumps from the ship and escapes while Aayush reaches the moon and leaves forever.

At night Naman calls Saanvi and says about Dafli missing. Saamvi sees Dafli there and informs him. Naman rushes to get Dafli. Ansh and Piya sees kids looking at the moon and asks about it. They say that they are bidding good night to Aayush as he said.

On the other hand Mohana is in mental hospital and doctors are treating her as she was found near temple. She says that she’s Mohana and an Ayan but none believes her as her powers doesn’t work. Naman comes there and wonders seeing Dafli there.

Saanvi says Dafli might took Dilruba’s words seriously. Naman is about to leave but Ansh and Piya asks him to say asnthey can feel sparks between Naman and Saanvi. Ansh and Piya romances with each other recalling their past and decides to visit jungle next day. The next day they forcefully take Naman and Saanvi with excuse as they want to unite Naman and Saanvi.

Precap : Mohana is mad as she lost powers due to medicine and gets angry at others.