Nazar 30th January 2020 Written Update: NAMAN AND SAANVI IN TROUBLE

The episode starts with Ansh and Piya taking Naman and Saanvi with them to jungle to get them closer. Piya packs loads of things and when Saanvi questions her she says that they may need it on the way. Ansh finds Piya blabbering and shuts her.

Vedashree is holding Dafli and says to Chaitali that she wishes Naman and Saanvi to get together atleast for Dafli. Adi and Pari shouts and she warns them to behave as Dafli may cry. They asks for Dafli to play with her.

On the other hand Mohana is in hospital and is creating a mess blaming them for giving medicines to her and taking away her powers. She’s creating a scene while the doctor cools her and takes her in. Piya signals Ansh and Ansh pretends for the car to stop in the middle.

Piya says Naman gnd Saanvi that the coolant is over and asks them to get it from the nearby shop. They find only jungle everywhere but Piya says that they can find it at the end of the jungle. Naman and Saanvi leaves go find the shop while Piya gets happy.

Adi and Pari are playing hide and seek with Dafli and asks Dafli to disappear and hide somewhere. Dafli disappears and hides nearby but they asks ier to hide in a better place and Dafli gets lost.

Naman and Saanvi on the way keeps fighting and decides to go separate ways. While going Naman skips and falls down and sees human bones and skeleton there and calls for Saanvi.

Saanvi thinks Naman is joking but gets shocked herself seeing the bones. They find few strange people and wonders if they are gangsters. Ansh worries for their safety but Piya is happy that they will be together.

The Doctor tries convincing Mohana that she doesn’t have any powers but Mohana keeps blaming them for her vanished powers. He asks if she can able to prove that she had powers and Mohana agrees to bring Dayan Vriksh.

She chants Dayan Mantra but nothing appears and she gets shocked. She tries attacking Doctor but everyone takes her in. Doctor sees few roots on floor and gets confused. Pari and Adi apologizes Nishant as they are the reason for Dafli disappearing. He asks them not to worry and asks to show the place where Dafli disappeared.

Naman and Saanvi says about their family waiting for them and asks them to let them go. Ansh and Piya are in car and finds someone asking lift. Piya asks Ansh to give lift to him and he agrees but soon he gets disappeared and all of a sudden appears in front of their car. He attacks them but he warns that their sister is with them.

Nishant finds a picture of Ansh and Adi and understands that Dafli would’ve gone to the place. Naman and Saanvi starts running to escape the man eaters.

Precap : Piya and Ansh understand they are man eaters and they asks if they want to be their friends or enemies.