Nazar : Back to Square!

Star Plus show Nazar to witness an interesting twist with everything starting all over again.

In the show Nazar, Ansh stabs everyone and all of them vanishes. Ansh stabs Pia too saying this is the only way to save everyone’s life. Pia cries and she disappeared too. Ansh finds Pia’s earring and thinks this earring will help him to find Pia.

Everything goes in the past and in the show viewers are currently viewing the story before Pia and Ansh met. In the serial it is Ansh’s mehendi ceremony is going on. Vedshree asking Ansh to be happy as it is his Mehendi function. She also says to Ansh that Ruby is good choice for him. Ansh says to Vedshree that he can do anything for her happiness.

Ruby is a witch, no sooner she entered the house the flowers turned black. Vedshree panicked and asked Priest, how this happened. Priest tells Vedshree that evil power has made its entry in the house. Vedshree asks everyone to hurry for Ansh’s marriage before anything wrong happens. She tells Ruby is a Devik girl and suitable for Ansh. Otherside, Ansh wonders how his wounds got healed with his one touch only. Pia’s earring falls from Ansh pocket. Ansh gets a visison of the past when he steps on Pia’s earring. There, Vedshree says to family they have to make Ansh married to Ruby soon else Mohana will wake up ans will create trouble for her. Meanwhile, Ruby will talk to Mohana. Mohana will ask her to marry Ansh soon to keep Piya and Ansh away from each other. Ansh will hear Ruby’s talk ans will be shocked to know about his real identity.

What Ansh will do next will be interesting to watch. How much you are enjoying  this new rewind track of Nazar, leave comment.

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