Nazar Written Update 11th November 2019: Pratimayan’s reaches Rathods household for Maha dayan Jod

The episode starts with Mohana denying to help Ansh and Piya as they rejected her help when she offered it. Shekhar stops her and throws a vase on her. Mohana gets furious and throws him away with her plat.

Chaitali gives milk to Pari and leaves asking her to go to sleep. Pari sees the lift opening and a doll is present in the lift. She gets surprised seeing it. Piya sees Ansh worried and asks how’s papa. Ansh says that he’s not fine and cries for his mom. Pandit and Nishant still couldn’t find a way to get back Vedashree. Piya and Ansh wipes each other tears and worries about Vedashree. Pari comes there and is about to say about the doll to them but they asks her to leave. Pari comes back and sees the doll on sofa. She wonders about it but takes it with her.

Nishant says Pandit that for Maha Dayan to happen then they need the hair of previous maha dayan who’s none other than Pratimayan. Pari is seen passing by Shekhar’s room and Ansh is consoling Shekhar. The doll is seen outside their room watching them and Pari takes it with her.
Piya sends Adi to check on the ashes of Vedashree and Kalashree and he does. He comes back and says that everything is fine. Ansh comes there and asks what happened. Piya says about keeping an eye on the ashes as they can’t risk now. She tells about Pratimayan’s hair needed to perform maha dayan. She asks Ansh to take Mohana’s help but he refuses saying that she will definitely won’t help them. Piya convinces him saying that no one can know better about Kalashree and Pratimayan more than Vedashree as they are her mother and sister.

Mohana sees a new person entering the building with all his belongings and he comes out of the car. Mohana falls hopelessly for him seeing his features and immediately hides her with coolers. She introduces herself to him and he introduces himself back as Angad. Pandit and Nishant visits Pratimayan who once again says that they can only ask three questions to her.

Nishant asks is it true that only she can perform maha dayan Jod and she agrees yes. Pandit then asks if her hair us needed to perform jod and she agrees to it. They asks if she give her hair to perform Jod and she says that her hair has already reached the place.

Pari hits Ansh for misplacing her doll and he says that he didn’t. Pari fights with him not believing him and Adi throws the doll on floor. It’s revealed that Pratimayan hair is tied to the doll. Nishant falls Piya and asks her to find Pratimayan hair which has already reached their house. The doll listens to it.

Mohana admires Angad from her and he sees her and give her his number. They message to meet for a date. Naman fools Dilruba mother and visits the black powers with choti Pailwan but the black powers fears seeing him.

Precap : Mohana dancing happily and family sees it